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To the Libert]) Parí y Abolitioidsts tkroughout the United Statte. Brrthrkn:- At the Convention held in the City of N. York n May, is il, at vvliich canJfónfes for iho President and Vice Presidí nt of the tJnited States to be supported at the tlectíón in 1344 woro duly nóminated by the Liberty Party, it was fimhor e .0]v, J by said convent ion. lo adjourn to meet in two years from snid month of May, mi- at such time and placeas should be designated by the Centra Committee Tn pursuanne of the power conferred en us, by the said convention, as its Central Committee, wc designa! e Wednesdav and Thursday of the 24th and L5th days of May 1843, at 10 A. M. of tiic ; L4th at BinTalo in the State of N. York as the time and ploce for holding scid adjoiirned conVention. We hope eacli State will send as many delegates as said Stato is ontitled to of Representatives and Senators in Congress. However all are invited to attend.


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