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Dymond's Morality

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This valuable and interesting work, rs "Abridged, and provided with (Jueslions, for the use of schools nnd of young1 persons gene1rally," by Mrs. Kirkland, is before U3. With the original work wc are somewhat familiar, and are fully prepared to believe tliat no one can arise from its perusa] without feeling a deeper sense of his accotmtability to his Maker, without dcarer perceptiona of the rights and responsibilities of man. The "abrigment," is most liappy . The questiona are judicious, and will not lail to interest the reader. We 6hou!d rejoice to soe itintroduccd into our Common sclsools and acadamies. Cannot it be done? The healthfu! moral iníluence it would produce would bc cheerinj to the lovers of morality. For sale at the University Book Store, Ann Arbor.Dr. Comstock has rcsigned the office of Regent of the University. (L you made Liberty nominations in your town? Or do you intend to support Clay or Calhoun at the township elections? - If you vote for a vAúg or democratie ticket, you will be reckoned as their champion. If you have any self-respect, do not support a mongrel ticket on any pretence. L(it ua have no half way work. If the course of the other partiea pleases you, go with them at once and fully ; but if not, have nothing to do with them . Dont stand haltmg between two opinions.-- Finnlly, in political matters. we recommend to our friends Col . Crock ett's motto- "First be sure you are right, then go uhead!"ÖQItJs said there are sirong symptoms of rcbellion among the "Young Democracy," of New York. Thetaie meditating an insurrection against the set of old oflice holders who have so long governecf the party in thnt State. There are similar indications among1 us. So far as they may resultin destroying the absolute authorityof the leaders, and putting nominations and consequent ly politica] power within reach of the mass of that party, we regard tt favorably. Mankind have much more to fear from the knavery and duplicity of political leaders, than they have from the igorance orfollyofthe masscs. Tlie Jatter uiay be remedied by time, experience and the xtension of knowledge, while the former are incurable.QThe paet winter has been almost, if not qnite unpreccdented in this State for uniform cold weathcr. The month of March has been colder than in sny year since this part of the State was settled Every thing is fast bound ,.'by the frost, and the slëighing is yet good. In 8ome parts there is agreat scarcity of food for beasts. Sume have afteady died, and many more must perieh unlesa the spring opens ye.ry sopu.


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