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We liave formcrjy adverted (o the wretclied baiikrnptcy of the plantera of the Southwest. S'omo perhaps, have Bec-n incredulous on account ofour anti-sluvery predilections. - To such we commend tlie foHowing siumnan of the uíTairs of' the State, mare by the N. O Picuyune frorn the Gnvcnior'd Message: "The picture he draws of the financin] afj fnirs of the State ís f;r, very lar from cheoring. Tlierc is. he .ave, now döé by the State to out bnnkf. in round unnibers, (1,200,000; Ihat theie are Klate boud. ibr the payment o: wliieh the Stato has :io guarantee, to the a mount ór$Í.Í7e,000, oi inost ofwhich bond interest is due aiul unpbid; that there are State bonds, to a largo amount, í'or whicJ) the ÍStntehas the guarantor, of' the stockiiolderfa of the Citizons' Bunk and Consolidated Association bf Planters, now in liquidution, on which the interest vvill probibly. not be p'aid; that it has íbr .severa] years exreedcd its-ordinary income by more than 8200,000; that there is no'Jjing in our exhausted trèasury; that the Stafc can no lonprer borrow a dollar from their own bnu:, afed that the peoplearo taxcd as heavily as they can bear." How the State is to be cxtiicated, with cotton at fivecentF,or ]esp,is more than we can forcteil. The state of moráis in Ihat región we havo often referred to. The people are but partially cjvilizcd. Duels and deadly affrays occur in New Orieans daily. The recent proposition to the Legislutureto abolish theismnent oí auelmig. umi estabíish a Uoajd of Bonor for the eetílemejit of tlie disputes of gentlemen, is an evidence of Iheir retrograde progress. But a süll more decisivo indicatioo of the state of public moráis is lotiud in the proposilion to lioence twijlvé guming houses in New Orleans. Mr. tëallSff, the mover of this project, said that n Ln-gc number of gaming houses were in oper.itioi: dtiily throughout the city, and as tha evil coffíd mil be suppressed by Jegisliütion, he for hnving it taxcd. The taxprevioui (o the ropeal of the law, some eight ycars íídco. yiclded $lL03000 ar nually, and should Üws uw have conimued 21 force until i;ov, the Statie of Louisiana vvbuld not liave been in tucii au ciiíbarrasset] condition. The act licciisiiig gamitig houses, whilst it wonld notproruote the evil, would eustain the Orphan Asyhirrt, Chaiitablclnstitutions, and-Semijifirirs olLearning. Those whosliould patron'20 iicensed houses would have the p!ea6ore of contributing lo support of the State in this distrépsiii crisis. What pntriot co;;ld rèfirge lo gamble vit!i such aji induccircnt before lum? B:it wliv not carry out the principié, end licence all the vice.? Why Mot icn-ce brolhcls, as was formerly done in Pant? fn this way the public vices miglit be made to pny all the Slate expenses, nnd leavc scmeihing for charitablo purposes! Why did not our own legislature hit upon this device? The molion to rcyicl ihe bill was lost - ayes L3, neys L6, and it was referred to a select coinmitfee.GGThe white popalation of Louisiana k 15.0,933 - íjeing some 50,000 less than that of Michigan. The debt of fhe State is SïS,871,000, of wïiich the anntial interest is gïl,103,550 . Were tiis Slate debt divided aftcn,x t!3 white people, the proporlion would be one hundred and seveniy seven dollars, eiglity or.c cents to each man, wófñun, and child. or í?ü 89,05 to eacli white family of five persons.


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