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The Cornet, whicli we mëtitioned as having been seen in New Bcclford, is thus.jJcacribed by a writer in the JNew Bedford Meroury: " lts brüiiancy was almost equnl to that of Venus. lts situation is very aear the limb of the sun; its tai! appears about 3 degrees in lengt. It may be the cornet announced söme three months siuce in Europe; it was then travefsing the constoüiition Draco, be it Uiat or another, it is of rare brillinncy. There ore but three on record, of sufficient brüJiancy to be seen in the dny eeason. The iirst was 43 ycars befure Christ, and ia caücd" a li.nirvotar;" ït was seen with the nakcd eyc in the day timo. The second was seen in the year 1402, und was so brijjiant that the %!it of the f un, at the end of Morch, did not hinder people seping it nt mid-day; both its nuclcus and iis tail, was, to use the languagè of the dav "!wc fathoms lontr.'' The third appearcd in Fob J3tl) l744,Si nearlyequaJItd Venus in splcndor & many persons saw it at rnid-day wkhpu jlaotes. It may yet prove that the cornet o to-day iaihosamc m that of 14 oZ."-Mocrtiser.Stnte Dcbfs.- These State debts are all illustrntions of a great principie, in our opinión a wrong one: that go ver nm ente are at Jiborty to ernploy the national resources in facilitating tbc private buisness of the people. The vractice ia so familiar that it seeiii3 hnzardous to cali in question its rectitude. Uut the true doctrine is, that the only legitímate province of a govemcnt is Ihc defense of a people'e rights: and the only rightful power of taxntion is for defense of tliose rights. When moasures for defense can be so arratieed a to facilítate Cpmmérce or trade, it should'be done. But to raiso monoy by taxes, in anysnnpe, rneieiy to duikj a ruiirond or canai is a crime againsl the rights of the. jieopic; drid d perversión óttiic legiümntc povers of government. Bitter, tliougli the strugfgle inay be, government must be recalled to its just litnits By disregardinor them, the etates, aiid, by conBequence, the Nation, is now involved in a debt of over $200,000,000. It must bc repu üated, nt the hnzard of war and the cost of life and much more treasurè; or it must be paid, both pnncipul and interest, at the cost of grinding taxation. - Albany Palñot.Ci'Ngressiojíal the b llswÜich fa led for want of timo was, one retrenching the Pay and Miïeuge of Members oFCongresa aiid t'he Salaries of Public Officcrs, who receive over $1,000 each. This bilí, wíiich paesed the House by more than four to one, and would have received an equally overwhelming support in the Senate if it coul.l háve been brouht to the Yeas and Nays. was killed, in the firat place by some very injuciiciotis omGndment8 proposcd by the Comniittce of Retrenchment, strikingout its best feature, to wit, a radical reform of the Mileage atrccity, and reducing all the reducticus of salaries to a dead level of 12i per cenr. Thus reportcd, the bill died on the tablr, as wc feared froni the moment ve snw the amendmenta. The Post age Reduction bill also fniled. It passed the House in a most thoroiigh shape, down all Postages to 0 and 10 cents; but the Senate were afraid that Uu's was too sweeping, and would not act on it; eö the billhed. A frieud afïïrms that, with a 15 cent rate for long1 distances, the bill would liave prevaüed. If so, we regret that it was inserted, though we believe 5 and 10 cents would ailord an adgqunte revcnue. The Post Office Monopoly bill, forbiddiiig the conveyance of Newspapere, Palnphlet?, &tc, olhcrwise through the Maila, &Jeeps ifie sleep of dcáth. After the public exposure of its character and effècts Us passage was hardly possible. - .A-. Y. Tribune.Latimkr Case. - A committec of tho Virginia Legislature have mode a long and violent report on the Latimer case. They demaricl action ai the nortb in their favor, and conclude with the followirig resóluiión, Thev próvido that the report and rcsolutions sliall be seut to all the State VExectitives-, !o be laid bcfore their respective legislatures; Resolved, That in the opinión of the Legislature of Virginia, the rights of the good people of Virginia imperatively require that Congross paas such enactmont, in addition to tli ose alreády pased, as wiïl enabla her peaceful citizens to bring to their naiivc St-tte, if they please, their fugitivo sin ves, found by them in olher States. of ti. ia Union - aii lh:"t the seuse of the ]egilature is, that the enüctments proposed in this report, are tle most feasible mode of efFccting the purpose, and therefore the people of Virginia have u right to expect that such will be prued. Many persons in Ohio are preparing to go to the Oregon in the spring. The ZShésville Recorder Baya, thero is quite an "Orejón fcvet ' in that región. 'Anti -Slaveky.- A Report lias been preiseiited (o the Legislature of MassacïiueeUisj recommending thut the officers of the State be prohibited fmm actin in their ofllcial cupacity, in aid of ihoslave ownor, wiio tinrlertakes to recover the Aigitivc, tuider tlie Jas of Congreá?. Without exsminatidii, we cnfeea wc koow of nro o!jection lo tho naoure and iinlees Uiere is souie obligntiou imoosed' by rolalionof t!ic iStaies to the General Government, thatrequüCd such officers to act i stich cases, we shouli be glad to have the prin ciplc itivolved in t, ndopted. lf tho law of Conross must remain upon the Stat uto Book lct the officors of the General Government execütè it, tliat the rfespóhsjbility inay rest upon .the autliority that requires its executio.- Michigan State Gazet Ie.The Pol.ce.- Thcre arcahout 1200 men, nppointed by the rninistry in Lüiidon, to wdk the slreets of Dublin, doy and ni-jht, fo wutch over and guard the interest oF tho pcople. According lo the Pólice Act, thcir power ia little fess than absolute (o regúlate the domestic and social !abif s of the people. Tlicv walk the strects armcd, each having his beat, or short walk, and is bound to keep order in his walk orbeat Seto remove all that hc considers obstructions. Cars must stand, people must walk, and all must be ordered ii3 thoy sav. They commit to prison al most whom théy please.Some curieus inqúirer lias ascertaincd the nvernge attendance at the vanoits churches in Costo, tiie past ycar, to be a Hule short of 27,000, or about ono fourth of the entire population. Tlie attendance is eet down as fo]lows: - At 13 Orthodox churches 68 Dl, avernging 527 to eacli church- at 4 Episcopal churches 2503, averaging 62(5 eacli- at 4 Catholic churclies 8050, averaj ing 201L eacli at 17 Unitarinn churches 0741 avernging 390 cach- at 5 Univcrsalist churches L7C, uvera - ging 522 cach. Tuk monibd power in tuis statf. knew notwhat tiiey did.' when, by the rallying cry of èquaJ rights," they roused the masss agaiimt all forms of assuciated wealth. The power tfiát now demanda Uie overthrmv of all ranks, cannot be put down by cryin?. out gainst {King mo!)," or telking of '";reofervcc! riglits." The samo power, evokcd for party purposes by the same meons, in the South, will Boon loy its crushing death-grasp on the great monopoly of Slavery! Jj;irk it!- Albany Patriot.Robert Tyler, son of the President, lately made a speech before an Irish Repcal Society, in Washington. He had seAse enough to pcrccive the inconsisteury ui' a tlaveholcWs spóuíing against fioreigi) tvninny, í.nd justfíed limselfby the e.v:imp]o ofPriiicé Alberí. who iresiiied ut (he HVorld's Convention" in London, for the abölitioh ofslavery and the slave trade tliroujjlioiit the xyorld. This is as it should be; provided we are us to fake. rebuku as we are to give it. Both individuáis and nations öhoiild strjve to cominee cae!) otherofsin; and íf it be done in a kind 'and candid spirit, the efiect cannot be olherwise than nmlually beneficial A A. S. Standard,The New York Journal of Commerce, contains a ciirious calcujation as to the q'ianüty of enow which fel] on the 15Mi nat., in ihe New Enfrland Stnles, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvanin. The number of square miles in these nine States is 164,340. The urnnunt of snow which feil upon thia surface, supposing it to have averaged a fi-ot in deplh, was four biUions, fiye hundred and ein-iity-one thousand, five hundred and tliirty-six milüons, two hundied and fifty-six thousand square feet. Piled up on a buse a square mile in aren, it wou ld rise lo a Beight of inore than í4 miles which is ncarly the height of ihe cartli'ö atmpsphere.Bankt vpt. - The number of ap;lications for the benefit of tlic liankrupt law to llic present date, is pröbably not less thnn 40,OOC. A table pubü order of Congess makes tbe number 54,0.32, una the dates of the returns are not, on an average, later tha the 5th December last. FurlheVmore, tlii? tableincludes no returns from North Carolina, Louisiana, or the Northern district of Mississippi. Ifwemaysay that these bankrupts owed on an average $5,000, which is probably bclow the truth, their negregate indèbtediiess was $200,000,000.- .V. Y. Journal of Commcrce. The Newark Daily Advertisersays: The Comel blazed out conspicuoua !y about eun-set laat evemng, the long Aushy tail stretching from near the south-western horizon to near tho aenith. Soine fearf 'ui imsginatiqne, filied with tho follies of Millerism, wero lbolishly frightenod at its aepects. The present pheuomenon inore resembles the zodiacal liglir,vIiich we ehould have called it if the eastern magi had not pronounced it a Comet. Somc observers here also ditcovcred the nucleus last evening with glassee, s?oon nfler sun-set ncar the south-western horizon. Tlie length of tiiö tail is frean S0 to 40 degrees and it is very beautiful.IsTHMUs of Dariií:í.- When tho civil and diplomatic appropriation bill was up in the House, on the 27tH uit., Mr. Undhmyood offcrcd un amendment, appropriating .$5,000 lor tlie employment 'of an agent to inquire into the progress and of the work'now go'wg on to connect the Atlantic and Pacific ■ Oceans by r ccmmunication iicross the Isthmus of Óarien, and to uscertain uponi'what terms tho same inay be used by the citizcns of' the United otates. The amendment was agroed to. The New York Express of Satiirday says: "The officers of tlie Soniers are likoíy to be harrassed pnough to satisfy their worst persecutora. We Iearñ that separate complainta will be made before the GVand Jury by tho respective friends of Spencer, Cromwell. and Small, oa a charge ofmurder. Af;er two Martial Law trials they will now proba bly pass into the hands of the civil law. The friends of Mr. Spencer have employcd Btrong counsel." Alabama Taxes. - The revenne bill which passcd the House of Representativos of Alabama contained some singular provisions. - Every rncehorse wus assesscd ten dollars nnd every rocecourse twenty. Upon pláying cards onc dollar waa leviedj' but wheiher adollar upon a single pack, or a dozen, or a gross, we know not. Theatres are made to pay fifty dollars; a billiard table, thirly; bagatelle, twenty; and a steamboat twenty" dollars. Tiio revcnuc bill of Illinois providss for tho collection of taxes for state purpose-s, ín gold and silver coiu and Auditor'd warráats.Mafsachusetts.- According to the last census, (lie valué of tlie coiton manufactures of the Umled States is estimatcd at $-#6,450, 45 J, ;md the vnlne of the wooilen rrianufac tutes al 20,000,999 per annom. This is nearly tour dollars and a Imlf for ech individual in the Uniled Slntes for woolen and cotton rnanufaccures. It s probably nniply siillicicnt to furnish the people of tlte" United States with tlioso gáóás without imporiiiiy a tinrle dollar' fl wort li. The era of chcap books introducod by tlie penny paper system, nnd the stenm jiress is indeed a revolulion. Volumes ihatcpst I5dull;ny, when we firal'egon to collect a library 15 years no.are'now sold fJr two or onc! It makes knowledge accesible lo the pour. The rich are deprivcd of tlm power tliat we;ikli on ly gave, in the days of oor fathers. and merit bccornes the standard of the man! Such is its obvious tendcuey.Rumor conjectures that Mr. Webster, ofier resigning, wil) romain in tliis country and devote himself to the uccomphshment of the two htmdred million scheme of Mr. Johnson, in wbich he takes grrcat interest, and whom he is saiil to he niding in the complexión of the report to be aubmitted from the select committee of that subject. - JY. Y. Evan. A trur Sr.ntjment. - None speak of the bravery, the might or the intellect of Jesa; but theDcvil is alwnys iraagined, n. a böing of ncute intellect, politica] cunning and the firmest cotimge. These universa] iind instinctive tendencies tcach luuch. - Lvn a Maria Cjulo.Printing and Binding. - The nrnount paid for printing-aiid biadingby the State of Pennsylvanin, tbr the last ten years. is stated :it $300.997. In 1842 the piiming expenses of the Legislatura amounced to i50,3G9. The binding lo 4,450. A machine, for cutting ice isnow in operation at Philadelphia, It is described as an immense structure. Tha proprietord have just Huilt nn ice house capablo of holding G000 or 7000 ton. Dtimagcsfor Mob Violmce. - The African Presbyterian Chureh, hnve recovered S!5,65o, of the county of Philftdelphin, to indenmify them for the destruction of tiieir meeting house by fire, during the riols on the first of August last. Onder the few of 1C31 for the payment of claims for depredatious of the American Army uiidcr Gen. Matibcwá, pnyrfiehta havo !: in made to the amount of 720,000 und upwardeü!TKrsJtingíoñiámsth - Mr. Jobn B. MitchöJj! one of wlio formeel the original society at Baltimore, suys that a temperance sermón of Mr Kóopp led him t0 gujjgest it. Alahama ü.mí. - Tlie Logisluture lias pnsseci a law Lo wind up the concerns of the State Bank and its branches, and atother to !aj taxes to moet the deficit in the reveuue.


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