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IN CIíANCERY- Ist. Circuit. Oliver Kane, ") TJ Y virtuo of a decrcv. X tal ordor, issue. I Lhnrles Mosoley, . }out of the Court of Elijnh W. Morgan, &. Chaneery, of the Stat VilIiam S. Mnynard. I of Michigan, I sbulfexpnee tóenle, to tho highest bidder, at the Court House, n the village of Ann Arbor, Washte iiav Couniy, on the 8th dny of May nozt. at 1 o clock, A. M. of that day, tho fullowing docnbc.d pieu.i&es, sitúate in the villngo of Ann Arbor, nnd dosoribed as fyllows, to wit: "Be'inning at the West side of the Ann Arbor & Salina Koad, on tho South lino of Section twemy-mno, in uwn two, South of Ilungo six Eaat; thoiuo west on the said Section line, tu-enty-ono chain and sciventy links to a etaUe; thenco duo North ■ourtecn chams nnd fifty Riika to.a stake; thenco South eighty-mx and u holf dogrees. East ninetoen cli.ims and seventy links; thenco duo North sovcn. chaina nnd tweuty-flve links to a stako; tlicnce North. cighty-nine degreca East, four chains and aeventy-live links t. the creek; thenco up said creek to tlie West line of snid Rondtlicnee with the Itno of snid road to tho placo of beginning; contnining thirty-six acres and ninotcen hundrethaof anncre, moro or less. GEO. ÜANFORTIÍ, Master in Chancery. Joy & Pjrtjeh, Solicitors. Datod, iVIarch 20, 1843. 4S-7vr LANDS FÖlTsALE. THE undersigned is authorised to scll several tractsof land in tho couniiea of St. Clair" Siicmaw, Saniluc, Washtttiaw and Lenawee at their cish valuo. andtakoin payinent State Scrip and Warrams at par, or the equivalent in cashor he will proportionato terms on timo. The cash value may bc nsceriaincd. if deeired, by npprnisers chuFcii by the purchnser and subicriber. ■jThe Wasbtenatv lande conaist of 118 acres in the town of Webster, slijhtly improved, of early and choico selécrion, and 214 acres 3niilcsbelow ipsilanti, on the River iluron. having rich bottom and upper lands, good timbor, running wnler, corn nnd wheat suü, execdent sites forbui ld - ing, surroundedbysettleimnts, good ïoads and milis. About 30 acres havo been utulcr cultivatiott. CHA'SII. STEVVART, 47 " Jeflcrson Avenue, Detroit. WOODWORTH'g HOTEL.. RORTHXRK, EASTEEN A.SJD SOUTXiERX STAGE HODSBÍ Tlio undersigned respoctfully nnnouncea ta the public, that he is now the proprietor of ihis well known establishment. The house having been Llioroughly overliauJed, nnd refittcd in a momier calculated to promote the comfort of citizens and the travelling public. Tho house ocenpies an eligible position, on the corner of Woodbridge and Randolph streets, in a business part of the city. Those who may honor him with theircountenance, maj be assured that no e.% pense or attent ion in his power, will be spared, to niako their sojourn in Detroit ngreeable nud BatiBfao liory. ïy] S. D. WOODWORTH. Estalc of Ira Durrii?; THE Undmsigned havo been duly appointed by ihc Ilon. George Sedgwick, Judge of I robaio ior the couniy of Washtcnaw, Conimiasioners to receie, examine, adjust andallow the claims of the creditors to the csiate of ira Durnn, late of said county, deceased, which' estato ie represented to be insolvent, and bí.x m.ontlia ara allowed by said judge to said creditors, to preseni. and prove their claims before eaid coniiuissipnora who will meet for the purpose aforesaid at tbe office of E. Mundyin the vTUagool Ann Arbor, on th lastTuesilay and Wednesday in April next, and on the fust -Wedneeday in Juno next, at ntnó o'clock, A. M. on each day rcepcctivelv 1 JOIf.V WELLS, ) E. MUNDY, S CoinmiBsionera. T. FOSTER. ) AnnfArbor, iMarch C, 1843. ' 46- 6w. ÑO FICTION. ONE PRICE STORE. rpHE subscriber stdl cdntimics to seíí DRY X GOODS.and DRV GROCE.ÍIIES, ntNo. 5, Huron Block, Loiccr Toiéh. His stock of eAch was carefuljy eelecied and well purchased, which ftiüblec. him to sel! low (br rcuty pay. As he bclicvcs the money of tbo eamc quality f cvery person, is of the satnc valuc, he will oell o all for tbe8ame pricc, and n'o ainount of Oraory can ewerve him from that courso. Persons art make just as good bnrgains by teiiding an aent, as to come fbemsèlyea. In connexion with the store ia a Grist anJ Fi.ouniNa Mii.l, whcre ho wül constantly pay Cash for Wheat át tho higheat msrkèt price. Farmers and Wlicat buyers can havo their Gristing aild Flouring done to order and on tho' most reasonable terms. Thosc who wiah to' pinchase goods, or get Wheat fioured, would do, well to cali and enquire hia prices, and into hia1 nianncr of doing buéinens. DWIGHT KELLOGG. Anti Arbor, Lower Town, Feb. 28, 1843. 45-tf.'MOJYETf TO BE WAn E: Tüi'O subscriber would hercby givu notice to' the farmers of Waehtennw, and the neigliboring couuties, thal he has ari Gil Mili now n operation n Ann Arhor, Lowcr Town.' whcre ho intcnds at n II limes to buy FLAX SEEL, (and other Sccde tiócd in mak ing OU,) nnd pny the bigbeet price, and the best oï pay. - One Doixah per bushei will be paid for good cloan seed, or, one gallon oí' üil givcn for tho same quantity. Farmers are remieated to try Flnx on their Surnmer fallows, and tliereby avail ihemaelvcs of two crops instead of one. MJerchahts ar1 rcqneeied fo send in their eecd" and e.xchnnge for Oil in prcferciidnto eendiiig to New York or Boston for it, mul tlms keep what' motwy vï have iti our own S;nte. [45-H. j JOEL R. 11IDDEN. Ann Arbor, Lower Town, March 1, 1843. GROÜND PLASTErT PJIÍCB IIEDÜCKD TO KINB DOLLARS PER TO.'' TUE subscribers liave now on hand and wül coutinue to keep u good Bupply of Groimcl Plastes) in Bnrrels, at their Store in Dciroit, (123, Jeflnrson Avenue,) nnd in Bulk, at their Piaster MiU on iho River Iload, hall' way between Ypellanti and Ann Arbor. Tho nbove is from the Séneca Falls and Grand Ihccr Plasier Beds, both noted for their eiiDerioriT' ■ ■ ELDRE&CO. Janüaryio, 1843. 4G-Gm. JAiflES Cï. BIRrVElf," ATT O RN E Y A X I) C O UN 8 E L LOR AT LAVS. BAGANAW CITY, SIICDIOAIT. JG. B. will also act as Land Agent in tho Land District irt which this (Saganaw) County is; ho will make investmenta for othcra lands, pny over for non-residents their thxes, and givc infonnntion genciuiljr to persons intérC3töd in thia part of ihecoimiry, or dcsirouof bocönu ing ratnjgrauta to u


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