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GREAT BARGAINS.-R. Bnnks respecifully infunns the farmers and others visiting Detroit, thnt he stilt conrinues at hia olri tand on Woodbridge et., adjoining WardellV block, and keeps on hand a general ;issortnient o! READY MADE CLOTHING, which he is determined 10 sell ckeaper ihan the cheipesC(rr Cash. R. B. hasf jiiat rcceived froni the East an as Bortment of Clóths, Cassitnercs. Satinetts and Vestinga, which will be made up 10 order in fa8hionable style at short noticc. R. BANKS. Detroit, Sept. 5, 1842. 20-6m NEW GOODS ! ! FDENJSON has just received a complett stock of DRY-GOODS. GROCEIUES ANO CROCKERY, which will be sold ven eheap for money or most kind6 ofproduce. DescripriouB and pricea will be given at theStore.TO CLOTMÉRST rriHE subscriber is just in receipt of a furJL tlior suppiy of CJothier's stock, consist■ng oC MACHINE CARDS f cv&ry descrip. I-m; CLOTHJER'S JACKS. AT TJX ETWARP. CARD CLEANSERS and P1CKEHS, SHUTTLES. REEDS, KETTLES, SCREWS, PARSOX'S SHEARING MACtJINE, ER1ERY, (eren, site,) TENTE R HOOKS, PRESS PAPER, logether wüh a 'odl sclcctcd assortmsnt. oDYE WOODS,aud OYE STUFFS of the vory be8t growth and Tianulacture. These goods (coming as they do direct from irst hands) the subacriber is enablcd to sell lowirthan any other house west of New York, he mreforc solicita líie ntteniion of firms in the Jiotlmig buunesB, to theezaimnation ofhis stock nd pnces beforc going east or purchosinp elaevhere' PIERRE TELLER,Threshing Machines. rrUIE undersigned would inform the public JL tbat they continue to manufacture Horse PowKRsand Threshixg Maciiinks, two and a lialí mil es from the village of Ann Arbor on the rail-road. The Horse Power is a late ïnvenuon by S. W. Foster, and is decidedly superior to any other ever oflered to the public, as will appear by the statements ofthose who have used them during the lust year. Jt is Iight n weigKt nnd amallin compasé, beina carned together with the Thresher, in a commoa waggon box, and drawn with ease by tsvo horses. Jt is as little liable to break, or get out oí repair, as any other Horse Power, and will work as easy and thrash as much with four horsea attached to it as any other power with Jivs horses, as will appear f rom the recommendations below. New pntterns have been made for the cast Iron, nnü addilional weight andstrengthapplied wherever it had appeared to be ueecssary from ono ycar's use oí tlje machine. The subscriben deern it proper tomate, ihat a nurnber of horse powors were soto last year in the village of Ann Arbor which were believed by thepmehnsers to be thoseinvented by tí. VV. Foster. and thatniost or all of them were either made materially different, or altcred belbre sold, so ns to be materially different froju thuse made and sold by the sub! scribers. Such nlteiations being decidedly detnmenta! tothe Utilityofthe machine. They havo good reason to believc that every one of tliose roturned by the purchasers as unsatisfac tqry wen.' ol' this clnss. They are not aware that any Power ttíat went from their shop, and was put in iiáe, ns ihcy made it, ,hns lin condemned or laid nsideas a bad machine. AUwhowish t.ibuyare invitcd to ea:ninc: I them and to cnqirire of those who have used them. There willbeonci'or examination at N. H. "Wing's, Dcxlcr riUagc; aixl one at Mahtin Wíl'lson's Stoi chame in Detroit - hoth these gentlemen being agents for the sale of them. The pricewill bc $120 fora four horse power, with a thresliing machine, with a stave ! or wooden bar oyiiniier; and $130 U,y ;i horse I powor with a threshing machine with an iron bar cytinder. The attentioft of the reader is nvitcd to the folio wing recommendations. S. W. FOSTKR & CO. Scio, April 20. 181:?.RECOMIENDA TIONS. This is to certiíy that we liavo used one of S W. Foster's newly invented Hort-e Powers foj ubout five moiuhs, and threshed wíih it aboutÖMO bushels, and belicvc t is constructed 011 bcttcr principies than nny other Horse Power. One of the undeisighe'd lias ownedand usedeiíjht different kinds of llorse Pusvers, and we beliëve that four horscswül ;li:ash as much with lliis Power -is ƒ♦ will witli any othcr power with which we are acquainted. H. CASE, S. G. 1VES. Scio, Januarj', 12, 19.42. T.;is is to inforin the public that I have pnrchased, and have now in use, onc of the Horse Powers roccntly inventetl !y S W. Foster, mode by y. V. p'ostcr, & C:.. and believe it be constructed pon hauer principies, and requires icSBStrcngth of homes tlian any other power wiih which 1 am ac quainted. A. WEEKS. Mount Clemens. Sept. 8, 1841;This is to infonn the public tlint I liave purehasrd one of the Horse Powers, recently invented by S. V. Foster. and ussd il for a ruimer of monihs, and believe it is the best power in use, working with less strungth of horsos than ary oiher power with which I arn acquniiued, and being sniall in compnss. is asily moved from one plncu to anothcr. 1 believe 4 hoiscs will thresh as much this power as 5 will witli any other power. The plan and the working oí' this power have been üniversally approvod of by fertners iov whom I have thrashed. E. S. SMÍTH. Scio. April IJ. 1842. SBSUT KACHISnESS. The subscriben make very ,rood SMUT MACHINES whieh thcy will sell for $30. This machine was inventcd by one of tho subscribera. who has had many year's experience in the milling business. " We invite thosè who wish to buy a good machine lor a fair pnce to buy of ns. It j3 wonh as mu :h as mostofths machines that cost from 130 to 000. S. W. FOSTER & CO. Scio. April, 18, 1R42. Woolen ïanufacforyThe subsnribers have recently put in operation a woollen m:inufac:ory for inamifnctur intr woollen cloth by power looms, two and a half miles west from Ann Arbor villaje, oh the rai tiiad. wheic he ish to manufacture wool iro cloth on shnres, or for pay by the yard, on reasonnble terms. Tliey have cmployed experienced workmen and feel confident that work wil] be well done. They thèrefóré refpectfully nsk a share of public paironagc, cspecially fromthose who are in favor of home JMJL-aTííY. Wool may be left at Scio viüagc. S. W. FOSTER &, Co. Scio, April IS, 1842. TOPHYSrCIANS AND COUNTRy MERCHANTS. THE 8nb6criber invites the attention oí Phyeicians and Country Merchante, to liis present stock of Drugs, Medicines, Paints, OUs, Dye Stuffs, Varnish, rushes, foc. &c. comprisingoneof the lurgest and fullestassortments bronght '.o the country. Iu his present stock will be found: 100 oz Sulph. Quinine, superior Prench and EhgJiájj, 20 oz. Sulph. Morphia, , 10 oz. Acct. du 50 oz. Carpenter's WitheriU's Extract Bark, 1 bbl. Powdered Rhubarb, l Chet Rhubarb Root, Í bbl. Powdered Jalap, 50 lbs. Calomel, S catiks Epsom Salts, 15 casks Falland Winter strained Sperm Oil, 40 boxes Sperm Candles, L000 ibs. White Lead, dry and ground, 4 catiks Linseed Oil, Dentists Inslrvmcnts and Stock Gold, SilverhndThi Foil Plu IVünaare, Porcclain Tceih. A general a5sortinent of Patent Medicines, all of which avü! be sold on the most reasonable terms. PIERRE TELLER. 139 Jefferson Avenue, tsign of the Güt March IS. Mortar, Detroit.tailoring' business i AM. NOBLE, would rospectfully inform the citizens of Arm Arbor and its vicinity, that he has opened a shop in the Lower Town, immediately over the late mercnntilc stand f Lund &. Gibson, and opposite ihe siore of J. Becklcy & Co., where he is prepared at all times to do work in his line, wilh promptness, and in a neat and durable manncr. Particular attention will be paid to cutting garments. Produce wit] be taken at the usuai priees, for work dono at hisshop. These who have cash to pay for services oïthto kind are particularly invited to cali. Ann Arbor, 'April 27. 1812. tfRIVER RAISIRJ IIVSTITUTE. TJIIS lnstitution is located in the town ol Il.iiam, uear the norih bank of the benutiful river whoae name it bears, one mile ciist oí' the direct road from Tecumseh to Adrián. This eiigible site hns been uelected for iti quiotseclusion. the fenility amJ elcvution ol' iu, soil. lts pure and heahhfulatmosphere. and pleasantacenery. Rooms.- There are now on the p'remises suitble rooms lor the necommodatiun oí" foitv aludents; wluchare desggncd to bs pcCupied for private sludy and lodging. Other ncccbsnry build ing areprovided for rcciiations nnd boarding BXPiJNSS3S. Tiiition per Term of bleven weeks, ;4 O'J Board witli 4 houis Work cach week, 7X1 Room Hein, gy Incidental, Tn-Ú, J2.95 There will be an additionRl charge of one dollar for those pursaing the higher branches as Philosophy, Algebra, Geometiy, Astronomy, &c. torChcnnsiry, Latin, or Greck an addition of two dollnrs will be made. Scholars are expected toprovidu themselves with wliat fiirniture they svill riced'm ihcir rooms, nlso, with Iihts fuel and wjciiiing- none will hereafter boardthen! eelvee. . Bills to hesetUcdin advance. The school is open io all appltcnrits of auitnble age and moral churacter inesjiective ol' 'complexion or qonuiuon. EFTffl second term of. tli'ts summcr will commencc Vcdnisduy. Juk '2Uti. It is yery desirable tiiat all who design to attend the school, ehould bc on the grourid hnvc their iiillssetiled. and their rooms prepared, bcfpre the rirst day of the Term. Any funher information can be obtained at the Instituiion by adJiessir.g, post paid. .T. S. Dixo.s, Principal. Ilaisin. Lenawee Co Alich. Raisin, May 10;h, 18-12. . n52mCLINTON SEKIÑAltlT. SPRING TERM7. npilE si.vlb recular term of 12 weeks will comJL on IWonday, Febniary (; lb-13. 'ft'iTro.N. Fór common Engjisn branches, 3 00 Kor highest Engfish branches, 4 (10 For Latiu and Greek. 5 00 Boñrd', ineluding Room, Funnture, and Washing. at 1 25. Tuttiöp to be poid in advmice. Lucücs and gentlemen (rom abrond will be reqtlifed to present a ceitificate of txood moral character; and by a standing rule ofthe Seniinary. no sdiol(ir who persista in the use of ;profane or obscene languagè," ia allowed to continuo his cönnectiqn wiih us 'J'liis rule, wiih a nuinbcr oí otherá. have been adopted by a vote oi the school. The English text books that are adopted are grenerally such as are in use ín the best Aéudemies nnd High Schools. The Classical books me 8iich os are required for admission to Colleire. Considerable has been done to forhisH manual labor lor those vhp vrish, in this way, to pny fpr a wrt or all of their board. Sturients can enter at any time during the term. ihotïgh i; is inuchto iheir advantnee lo enter nt iho bcginninc;. (tí:O. W;. BANC'ROKT : Preceptor. MUS. BAÑCROF1', 'Breétptres?' Clinton. Jan. 2"), Jtf-JÜ. 41-if'.ESTA I E of Charles Tozer, kue of Webster, ín i lio Gounty oí' Wqsennw, deceascd. - 'l'íic underaigned hnve been duly appointed by the flon. GeOi Scwick, Judgc oí of i!ie coiinty nfoteaaid, Corr.m'ssioñcrs, to receivc, examine, acjist, and aljoyv liic cJuims of ihe crerJiiors lo said estáte, wliicli is represented insolvent, and six nionths are a lio wed by snid judge, ío snid crediiors to present and pnne their claims, be'ore snid fcofmnissionere, who will meet for the purpose aforesaiá. at the ]mi keptby John Waldo, in the vtlíagé of Dexxu.Yffn fie niaiMondays of March and April, and at the dweiling house of Stephen Cog.swcll in Raid Webster, m the 'J2r.d day of Juno hext, .-:t 1 o'clouk, 1 Mi on euch duy respentivoly. MüPírííS XKXJN'Y. JOHN ALI.EY, Scom'rs. JAMFS BALL, Jr. S Webster, Dec. 22, Í842. SSO&& OIJYTMU2JVT. TMIS Oistïjjewt atands at Ibe lie;id of all remedies for the followina diseaseö which nal i_i re is heir too, viz:- lUi'Kl'.MATISM both Clironic and iijilaniitory - (Jout - Sprains - Bru isés and contracted TLiN7DONS ot long standing. h discus.ees all tumours - renders stiff joints hniher by prodticing a l-.ealthy muscular cction. It nssuages pains in Uoils and Abckspks. - Noihing equals it in swclled and inflámed Ereásts in Feinales, if applied in early stage, prevente supperation or matter formfng, and gives in all cases i mmediate eascfrom pain. Certificatcs ol this facl could be given if neecssary. This reiiiedy is oll'ered ta tlie Public wiih the full assurance that it far excels the Opodeldoc's and Liniments of the piesent day, foï the above disenses. A trial is on! wanted, to givc it tho decided preferenee to every thing else. Many Physeians ot eminence have used this ointincnt and extols its merits. r,9 The above ointment is for sale wholesale and retnit by L. BKCKLEY. Ann Albor, flower town) June I5th, 1842 9 TO COUxVmY MERCHANTS AND THE PUBLIC GENERALLY. THE subscriber hns on hand and offers for sale at low rates, a large and general ok, sortment of Drugs and Medicines. Paints. OilsVarnish, Dye Stuils. &c". ttc, 'wi'h every article in the Drug and Pmnt line. Persons wish ing to pürchaee any anides in the above line aro requested. beforepu-chasinnT.lsevheie. to cali at „M , , PIERRE TELLER'S, Wholesale and Retnil Drusoist 1S9. Jeflerson Avenue, sign of the Gilt Afortar, Detroit. "iíe "üavs of ürfnfcfitfl ïSfuc forLot." TjEMPERANCE HOUSJ?, AKD BOTANIC MEDICAL STORE, j With Hot and Cold Batfcs. i! r. J. T. WllSOIV East end of Main Street. Jackson, Mich. l' - : dCA ME into the inclosureof :he subecriber,on ihe fiiteenth day of October last, twj cows, neis a palo red. rátber brownish around the icad: the other íb a brown. wifh a star in the forchead. Theowner is requested to prove property. pay charges, and take them awáy. BENJAMIN I'RYER. Salem, Feb. 8, 18-13. 8w-43 QATT1NKTT WAlll'S ON BEAMS.- O Theo. H. Eaton & Co.. 138, Jefferson Avenue. ofTer for salo a larpe stock of Sattinctt VVarps, from the New York milla. Thcse Varps are considcred superior to any other in he country, and wilJ be sold, for cash, at a small dvance. 12-Sw lALARATUS - A prime nrticle in boxes or barrols, for solo at thc lowcst ;rices by F. DEiMSON.Peters Pilis. 'Tis fim ihcysny to get well wiih them, ALL mankind throughout their wide and immense circulation iliat ever try them contuuie to buy iliem. Peters' Pilis are'purely vegetable; tliey work no miracles, nor do they profess to cure all disease8, becausc they are the scieniific compound ola regular phyaieian, who has niadehis profession the studyof his life. Dr. Peters is a graduate of Yale College, also of the Massaehusetts Medical College, añil has somewhat distinguished hiniÊclf as a man of sciencc and genius among the family of the late Gjv. I Peters; Peters' Vegetable Pilis are simple intheir preparution, mild in thcir clion, thorough in ilieir opcration. and unrivalled in their results. The town and country are alike filled with thur praise. The palace and the poor house alike i echo with their virtues. In all climates they will retain their wonderful powers and exert them unaltercd by -nge or situation, and this the voice ota gratelul coinmunity proclaimed. - j Petera' Pilis prevent - keep off diseases if timcly I used, and have no rival in cunog billious fever. i fevcr and ague,(lyspepsia, liver! j sick headache, jaundicc, asthma,diopsy. rheumai tism, cnlargement of the spleen, piles, col:c, female obstruciion, heart burn, furred tongue, nausea, distention of the stomach andbowels. incipiont dinrrhecy, ílatulence, habitual constíveness. loss of appetite, bloched. or sallow complexionj and in all cases of torpor of the bowels, where i a cathartic or upcrient is indicated, producing I neither nausea, griping nor debility; and ve repeat all who buy them continue to try them. The most triumphant succes hns ever atten ded their use and enough is already known (f them to immortalize and hand them 'down to pos terity with llie improvements ofthe age in med ical science. Dr. Peters was, bred to the healmg art, and in ordor to supply demande, he has oriííinuted and cnllecl to his aid the only eteam cliiveu machinery in the world for pill workinp. 'Tis perfect, and its process imparte to the pill esseniial virtue, becausc by being perfectly wroughr. all the pillo' bidder virtue is revenled. when called into action. and here also it is Peters excels all the world and takesallthe premiums, medals and diplomas. So clear the tract for ïh Engine- Peters' Pilis are coming - a million of witnessescan now be herd for ihem- resistless - do you hear that! while a host enn testify thit they believe they owe their salvation fró.ir disease and death to Peters' Pili, and if calóme! andknivesarc getting partially into disuse we are only mistaken.■wr.iuir iwai .,-. - i nis paper couiu De -Wied wuh theni by residcnts of :Michig;in, by your friendt and neighbors - ask our ageiits. it is Wow wèll known that the people will have Peters' Pilis, and to hinder wuiild be tostop the rushing wind Price 25 or 50 cents per box. Tlie resistiese i'orcc oí these truths - their uni versal reception, adc'ed to the testimony of miJI ions, '-keep it bcfore t!ie people'' mustand wil. bré-Ji'enrd throughout this vale of tears. Their happy influence on }oung ladies whil suffering under ihe usual changes of life as di rected by the laws oí nature, tliey mpart a buoy ancy of hearr, feelintj nnd action, an elastic step, yelvet chcek, iillyand carnation complexión b} their actiori on ihe chyle.. &c. and ladies in del cate siiuations always admit their power and innocencc, and take theni two or three at a tim without in the slightest degree incuiring the haz ard of an abortion; vvhich facts are of the mm „s Pimples; a yoeng lady stnt r love to Dr. Peters, and say9 she feels more grate fultöhim fortherestoraiion of her beauty thai if he had sa ved her life. 'Tis fun to get wel with Peters Pills.ror they cause the blood to cours, aslimpid and gentle through ihe veins as a moun tain rivulet; 3 or 4 is a common dose, henee tin patiënt is not compel'.ed to make a meal.TRO U BLE IN PLUTCTS CAMP. Quite astonishcd Oíd Pinto camelo New Yc.rk ( IJoaring Peters had got his Pili Engine al work, To resign liis coinmission, his hour laas ani scythe; I have come to dcliver them all up to you Sir. my calling is over - ny business isthrough 1 have been for three years in a terrible stcw, And I really don't know what on earth J'am t do; - Xot of your mighty sire do I come to complain But a tamal New Yorker, one PETERS b name; The diseases my aids. in this war of mankind, Are subdued by this Telers, what help can we find? I would yield him N. York. sir, if there h would stny; But, sir. Peters will have ihe whole world for hi 6wny. VVhilo musingin cogncil wliat course to pursue That Engine of Petere broke fortli into view. The King of terrors looked a while, As though his soul was tun ed to bile, At that unsparing scouree of ills, Bjrafl men khown as Peters' Pilis. These Pilis ol Peters' stop ihe blaughter. And leaves the blood as pure as water. Now Peters makes. live heard him say, Fne huiulred thousand pills a diy; So that the chance is very sniall Of people dying there at u; For soon the chéelcs, so mailtéd for doom, Begin like any rose to bloom. Look kr.rc! allmhotry ooniinue to huy them For sale as follows, by Mcisrs. Bcach & Abel. G. Grcnville, F. J. B. Crane. Maynard. & Co. G. Ward, SU?. &J. C. Jewett, J. H. Lund M. Bèckef, Dicksnson & Cogswell, and S. K Jones, Ann Arbor: Geo. Warner & Co-, and J. Millerd & Son, Dexter, Wm. A. fe. Shaw, Li ma; 3'. C. Winaiie, Sylvan, Halp, &. Snutli Grass Lake; W. Jackson, Leoni; D. T. Merriman, Jackson; M. A. Shoernaher. Michigai Centre; Brotherson &, Co., L. B. Kief & Gil bot. Manchester; ü. S. Uay'wood, Saline; Snov' &Keys, Clinton; J. Scnttergood & Co., Plyrnouth; Stone. Babcock & Co., and Julins, Movius&Co., Ypsilanti; Pierre Teller, Detroit; J & J. Bidwell. and Dr. Underwood, Adrion. Hart &, Mosher. Springville; Harmen & Cook. Brooklyn; Smith & Co., Jonesville; L. M. Boyce, Chicago - and almost every where else. Oct. 19, 1842 27-ljANN ARBOR PAPER MILL. TlIlJpropvietor of ttiis establishment is now preparod to invite to it the aitention of tlu business conununity. His Mili has been recemly fitted up by the ad dition of'improved. and very expensive machine ry, equal if not superior, to any in the Westerii country. He fhucis hiniself that he can nou manufacture paper to the entile satisfaction of rm custoniers, both as toquality and price. Protidcd ahöays that ho gets satisfactoiy returns in tin wuy of paynent; whicli he has becorne satisfice is a vcry essemial pointin the paper makingbusi ness. b His paper is of a kind that will work easy upoi types set to almost any creed or principie, repudüition doctrines always excepted. The great expense and trouble. to which h bas been subject lo get up a respectable pape; manufaotory within this State: is an argument that applies ltself strongly to the sincerity. patriotisn and gcnerosity.of the prolessed friendsof "Home Indusiry"and -'Domestic Manufactures." as wel! as to all who are disposed to encourage manufac turing enterprise witliin ourinfant State. He aska for the patronage of the puying portion of the community bnt upon no oilier principio than that of equal rights, and reciproca! adva"tnge- C. N. OltMSBY. Ann Arbor, Jan. 9, 1843. 3vv-39 NEW GOODSM "U DEN1S0N, isnow receivingas tieuallyo nrrZ selected assortment of fall and wintei CtOODS, which will be sold cheap for cash o N. B. A8cheap asnny in town. September 51, 1812. tf23


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