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Men Of Genius

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Men oí genius are oiten untorutnaieiy nacuc2d to drinking. Nature, as she has giftéd liem with greatcr powers than their fcllowe-, . eems Ibo to have mingled witli their cup of fe more bitterness. There is a melancholy vhich ís apt to come like a cloud over the uk iginations of such characters. Thcir ruinds lossess a susceptibility and delicacy of strue:tire which nnfit them for the gros? atmosphcre of human Kature; whereforc, high talent has ever been distinguished for sadnessand rjloom. Genius 'ives in a world of its own: it is the ïssence of a superior nature - the loftier imJginings of the niind, clolhcd with a more spiritual and refined verdure. Few men endowed with Ptich fncültiea enoy the ordinary happines3 of humanity. The stream of their lives run harsh and broken. - Melancholy tiiong hts aweep perpetually across Lhfclr souls; and if these be hcightened by mis'ibrtune they are plunged into the deepesc missry .1 O rUllüVU LIJuaU lt;t;illlJ3j lliuujr muo imi een adopted. Pr. Johnson fled for y cara to vine under his li ibitual gloorn. lie íband hat the panjfs wére removed while its immeliateitiÜiience lasled, but he alsp foimd that liey returncd with doublé forcé vvheii that inluence passod away. He saw the'ílaiigeroiia recipice on which he etood, ana, by an unuual efiurt of volition, gave it over. 'iii ' ita ;tead he substituted tea; and to this milder ?timulus had resource in his melancholy. - roltaire and Fontenellc, íbr tho same purpose, íised coffee. The exoitemcuts of Newton áiíü j Ilobbes wcre the fumes of tobáceo, while Detnostlienes and Haller wcre sufficiently stimulated by drinking freely of cold water. Such


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