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"Evil Communications Corrupt Good Manners."

"Evil Communications Corrupt Good Manners." image
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sl becoming, Nothing, iiv oux opinión, is tl jre indicativo" of a corrupt nnd vicious mind a an lewd and vulgar conversation, Yet, how el ten do we hcar young1 raen mdtilging in this 8 nd of convejsaüon. Did they bitt reflect, for u moment, upo the ruinous eöects which this dulgenco lws, irpontbeir moral and mental mstitution, they no doubt, would refrain P om it. But, the difficulty ia, tlicy get nto a iis pcrnicioi babit by degrees; and, afler a j' hile, they becomo totally disregardful of the l nnversaüon in which they iixlolge. In the sciety of young Jadíes, they of course, do ot indulge in this kind of conversation; botT s 8oon as they get by themselves, tben they ïakc use of it. Now tbis is all wrong. Thia ! abit tends to disorder the imBgination, to luiit the moral ecnsibilities, to débase the tiiml, nnd to destroy the finer feelings of onr lature. It strips man of his moral and intellecual digniiy. He ceases to be mnn, and is fit nly to bc classed with the brute or the beaat )f the foreat. How much more becomingvoulil ït De tor young men, uu " "- er for tlioir moral and intellectual improvcP ment, to converse on somo moral and inlellecP lual subject, which would tend to improvc their e uinds, and elévate thcir thoughts. And Bome young ladies, we fear, are nol i entircly exempt from this charge. Ifnot,then c o much the worse for them. lt ccrtainly i would be shocking to a refined mimi, to hear i a young lady indulging in mmodest conversai ion. Modesty is a quality, wbidi, of all oth ers, should belong to woman . It adorns her _i aw. „,,i rt'itfUL' ,F!4fo niifi iltcrnitv to herIiurnüicij oiiuiiüaji ...v. - .e - ,, -- - icrson. Without it, whnt would ehe be? A nost unlovely spectacle! For nothing is j nore óffensive to modesty thau vulgar convertation. , And then, there is a vain and idlo Vind of ionversation which is too frequently indulged '' nbyboth aexes.' This olso ia nn e vil, and should be avoided. At parlies, and socal visits, this kiml of convertation is very ninch used. What is the object of society'? It is to improvc inanncrs, cultivate good affections, promote happ.ness, nnd enlighten the undergtaüding. This is the grand object of society And wjll tho voin and fooltsh chat which is frequcntly used benefit the mind or manners? No, no more than the idle wind which nobody regarda. We would say, therefore, in the light of this subject, abandon idle, vain, nnd immodert conversation, elévate your thoughts and desires, and ehun whatever things are nol lovely, and of good


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