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the companion of man. She administers to his wants - comforts him ia his affliclions - and though forsokcn by all tho world beside, she will not forsake him. Man ia like the slurdy oak, firrn and unwavcrinj; woraan is liko the tender vine which entwines around it, lmnging on it for support. The formerflourishea in a rude 6oil, and strikes its roota doep n the oarth, and hcavos its spreading branch iip wa rae. i nc lauer aepenas not somucn on the nounshment of the earth but seeks e air and 6ky for bustenance-. The coti9tition-of tvonran is more delicate; that of man ore rugged and hardy. iIn sceka his chief ijpyment in. the bustle of business woinar eks her1 m the shedes of retirement aad . anquillity , There is no greater friend to maa tan woman - lovely wotnan. If he is in dis esg ehe is ready ta relieve him; if he is ín deslir slie brighteiis hie hopes; if his passion re rufïïed she assuages them. 'fhefe is no ob.■ct on earth more worthy of man's adoration


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