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JL ll DVyfclW Y HllflVt V V umuiu taauwavu nviiuj 'nd the greater poverty of the pupila, materi illy retard the growth of literature throughjut our country. As wo iucrease in wealth, ind population, nnd become more liberal, and more attached to the arta and sciences, especially to the fine arts, these obstacles will gradually vanish. Talents renmin dormant and concealed in poverty, where inteliectual culture was never foatered, and where the illu-i minating radiunce of science has never penptrated . The period raust, bcfore long, arriye, when institutiona for the education oí' tho ifldigent willbe generally established; and genius, wherever found, will be patronized and cherished. When we turn over the pages of history, we shall find, that a vast uumber of distingnished men, wl:o havo flovsrishod in tho arts and sciences, vvere bom of poor parents. We shall find those who have struggled manfully against the tides of misforlune, and poverty; and gained at last, a conspicuos position, in the temple of scienco and fame. How praisotvorthy it is, tosee a youth buffetnig tho waves oí poverty and obstacles which roll ngainst trim; and striving strenuously, t o explore the wide fields of htorature and science! Such a youth ought to be assisted, and encouraged in his high career; and thut too, at the public expense; because ho will be of service to his country. We sbicerely hope, that the time will Boon arrive, when knowledgo hall be made accessible to all; when Ihe youtli of our countiy, who are poor, shall be encouraged at the public expense; and when the illuminating ïaya of science shall penétrate everydark recesa oí our country. - jl. üwpw . (tT'Do good to evcry ono.


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