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A eerica of resolutions have been present ted to the Illinois Lpgislaturc, which recornmend a convention of the Stntrs of Lomsiana Mis=is.ippi, Alabnma. Krntucky, Tennessee' Arkunsos, Missouri, Uünois, Indinno, Ohio md Michigan, nt Jonesborong-n; Uüno8 on the 4lh of July next, to con.nider, firsrthe bost means to be aóoptpd to secure the ndmission into rhe Union of all new States on an rqnnl fóotiog in all respecta Kiih the older metnbers of this republic, nnd ]ike thrm, post;pss the riht of eminent domnin. Second, the best mcans of proventincr the sta ves of lbo slaveholding States from denertingf their tr.BK. ters, and restoring such ns shall defiert, at convenient place?, to their mnsters. The Jackson Gazette publi.shes the abovo und addtij "Let it not be forotten that the Lepislatnre of Illinois is Locofuco. VVill the Lncoa of this Sfate respon'l to the above rccommeiidwlun?- [Kditor.'] The implicai un secms to be that "Locofocos" epeciulhj nre intercBted in these project. What does the Gaüettc think of the action of the "Lccofoco" Legislnttire of Massachusette, by which all traces uf elate léUlntion me exnungcd from its Statute book? Wbat Whig State has done os much?We copy tbe following frora the Liberato of theLlst of April. A (hsgriiceful ecene took place in the Penn sylvania House of Representativos on Saturday last. Mr. Iirattan, the Editor of tho State Capítol Gazette, was nssaulred by Mr McGowan, one of the men:bers, on nccount or an article vvhich nppeared iu hin Paper, and in tho comseofthe affray was stabbed witb a dirk. Fortuna tely, the weapoo struck che shouíder blade, and Mr. Bratian was not dan gcrously wounded. A commiite waB nppointed by the house to investígate the matter, and Mr McGowan was arrested and bound over in bonds of $1000 to nppcar ut the next court ofiessionsin Harrióbnrg. CC5 Our correspondent from Nilea is in formed that we have already devoted considerable space in oor columns to Slavery in tho Methodist Episcopal Church, nnJ that all the Information he calis fbr, jïiay be found in the Sijrnal, Vol. 1, No, 42, 44, and 4i, and in Vol. 2, No. 34, 37, 44, and 50. QJr Seven menibers of the Court Mar; al were for convicting dipt. McKenzic, and five for acquitting him. Tho thirds wert t q'iired tor a cunviction. One vote more would havo honged the result. Su pays tlie Journnl of Coiótnerne: and for gay ing so, Capt. McKenzie has prosecuted the publ'shers for a libel. flC The Altwny Patriot quotes r fair lady uí saying, "put love and murder inio ynur paper, and it will be engerly soiijjbt for." True, no doubt. A puper iïl'ed with murder.", ogsaults, "sports ui" the ling! races, adtil.cry, rapes, efd.iciions, Lc, ice, drawn out with greai particulnrity, will Le read with avidiiy by ulmosl ail sorU of people. But what will be the effect of such narratives upon them? (IJ5 Tne Litchfield Euquirer eays of the Connectitíut election: 'Tiie Whijfs would probably hnve carried every town where there is ru choice but for the 'Liberty,' nm nations. The Locos raay tliatik Abolitionièts not ojily for three Con{jieüinen, but fbr their majurity in the Lcgislaturc." The Locos may thank tho obatinacy of tho Wljigs for tliis rcítilt. {& Gerrit Smilh w rites to O'Connell, n reference to the slanders upon abolhioniáts, "I am perbonally acquainted with hmidrcds - I may tsay, thousandri of aboliiionists - and I caniïot name an iibolitioüist, wiio ued intoxicatmg- liquor for a beverage, or who ii profane in bis apeecli, or who is licenlious." Kf The article on the "Cause pf Hard Tunea" is mipposedto be from the pen of Alvan Stewart. Let every one read it. Many tbousnd copies of il have been circulated in New York in the form of a tract. 07= The Editor of the Boston Times, a T}ler paper, proposes to pnblish a JSunday edition. Mr. Tylor's cause raust be far gane, if it cnnnot be upheld by working si.t days ia the week. dT ín Henriet ta, N. Y. in 1840, the Liberty vote was onethis epring 35. In Kiugsbury, the Liberty Supervisor and most of tho ticket were elected. Jn Shushanj tho Libeftjr vote was 41, in 1840, cevcfl. Good.- The Chemung VVliig saysj The connty Commissioners in all tho catmties in MasfaachusettS) excepting Franklin, linve decidcd to grant no licenses for the sale of intoxicating liquois. . 05 The Democratie mnjorlty ih N. York city vvns 6078' Thisvas unprecedented.- The VVhigs have only live members lo thö city counsel.O 1he Pittsburgh Daily Gazette, tho Anti-masonic organ,hns long been nti slavery. It ia 6ajd now to advocate Liberty principies. (L= Mr. Peabody, Editor of tbe Boston Bulletin, was severely whipped a ehort time ago, by Vn. P. Winchester, who took offence at some squib which Bppeared in hia paper. Corn Lates. - The corn laws are yet debated, in tlie Britisli Parliment, with prcat vigor and interest. The motion, for un inqulry into the operation of the corn laws, made by Lord Montón ele, and eupported by Lord Broughorn, was defeatedby 200 1o 78. ftj There has Jately becn a flood at Atbany, bnt it has not, however, done much mjury. The cellars and lower stonos of tnny houBCiwcre filled with water.


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