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Time Serving: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Mkssíis. Editors: - I takc the present, opportunity uf sending you a line. Witli the rcsult of our Town meeting yon have already been informed by one of our friends who has furwarded the account. But thcre i one formidable difficulty in our way on which [ wi-h to makea icinuik. I mean the o.NwiLLiNG.NKSsof a hrge nuniber of our mo fksskd friends to come out om) act, at the ballot box, because the time has iiot yet come - n other vo-ds it is not yet popular; the} us to wnit until eome of our influen'ia men, as tlioy are pleised to terrr. them, slioll take hold, and theu we can do something. - iri rnistakenot, thU trait of characler was stronglv deve'oped at the time the Saviour ciunrnencfd the work of emancipation iipon earth. "Have any of the rulers believed on hini," was -a queslion Bneeringly asked by tliose wlio were leuáers and attempted to con trol the consoiences of thcir feüow men: but the cotnnion people lieard him pladly. A strifemg similirity exists between the viewa and conduct of the above meiuioned leaders, and Jhose of our two corrupt puhtical parties. Sirrf, ïf tliere is one trajt in the ciiaractor of nwn more odious litan anolher, to my mind it is Ihat which causes him to reftain from espotisin the cause of the oppressed for fear of his popultirity. Oh, what tremendous disclosures will one day be made, of the motives which now jnflitence multiludeá of ministers and tay members of our Churchea, wiieu God öhall tear away the veil and show usto ourselves! JSiles, April 27th, 1343.


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