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Anti-slavery In Niles: For The Signal Of Liberty

Anti-slavery In Niles: For The Signal Of Liberty image
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Messiis. Eüitoks: - We orgnnized as a party, bul a few day's prevous to the Eicel ion forTownship offlcers, and polled ten votes. - We hope next Fall to be able lo u-11 a much better story. A deep interest is beginniüg to be feit in this section on the subject of Slavery and very many are becoraing1 convinced tliat tiie Nortb has something to do witrt it, nnd tiiat every itlan and woman in the lnnd has a daty to perform on this matter. There are many however who are not vet fully convinced of the necessity of Polilical Action, and many now who are eo bound by the chains nf Party or so destiuite of moral courage, that thev dure not vote the Liberty ticket. This place, from its advantageous position, is destined to exert a greaV influence on tlüs part of the State, and consideringr the amount of general intelligence here, there is a groat dcrree of ignorance prevniüng on this subject. We must gel the people's eyeS opencd. ere we con expect tnuch from thein- we must show them the horrors of slavery - the curse under vvhich we rest as a nation - its njurious effect on JNorthfrn interesta - the capability of eacli ani'. every individual who refuses to exert hi inflaencej moral and political, in the cause oí uiiiveríil ft-eeilom. I really bclieve that if the principies of the Liberly Party were generally known and understood, we should not Ion? be in the minority. Wé suffer more from having our viiVH and principien misrepresented Lhan fronï open pérsecutiorl. Milnc RorripnCn.. Annl 7. IC4S.


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