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WIEBIOAL AND SUR&ICAZ, PBACÏICE DOCTOR A. i'. BLAKEöLEE would respectfully irtform the citizens of Snline and he adjacent country, that lic lias removed into lio "Finch House," opposite Dr. Gurley's, .vhcre lie muy lie .ound ready for business ut all ïotirs, unlcss proiessionally sngaged. Havingrece'tved an eiicouragms ehnre of patronage durirtg the pasi y car arnortg them, be has :onclüded tu tnake Snline his perrhanent resiilünce, trusting that his auccess and nuention to business will ensure him a continuance" of the public favor. Al:hough pcrfectly saiisficd thnt his success and attcntion t business shall gradúate the confnHiCe which may be placed in him, he deerns it nol improper to state that he po : :8 testimoniáis of a recular coursc of medical stuthf, and enioyeel inr-g-ytnticTtt iw.m.ui u.j(wi mumtaiimnotn tffTTÏC Medical Colleges ana Moípitals in Neív York. He wi!l promptly attènd to all cases of a sur gical charactert td the various affections of the EYE and EAR. and adopi the most recent and beat approved modes of prac'tice in such cases. C!iargC3 wïll be modérale. A. P. BLAKESLEE Saline, Apri 24. 1343; gw-1 Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT ha ving been made in the p.lyment of a certnin suin of nioriey, secured, to be paid by indeu'.ure of mortgage, b'earing dato the iiinlh day of May, in tht? of our Lord. one thousand eight hündred and thirty nincj execuied hy Miller liiirker, of Clinton. Lenawee County, Michigan, to Gcörge Westfal!, of Plymouth, in the County of Wnyne, Michigan, and recorded in the Register's Office, of ihe CotJrtty of Wa.shtcnaw, in eaid Siate. oh the J lth dny öf May. A. 1). 1839. at It'4 o'clock, A: M. in liber, No: 8, page 118, upon vvhich tiicre is clainicd to be due, at the diue of this notice, the 6(im öf one hun die.I aml iweive doliarö and sixty one cents. Notice is therefurc herehy given, tliatby virtue ufa power "Of iTe irt said niorigage CuntaiMed. and pursunnt to the statute inauch ase innde and provided, wijl bc stild at publit auciion r Vendue. at tlie Curt Iluuáe, in thè villaje of Ann Arlior. in the Connty of Wnéhtènnw. niid State Öl Michigan, on Tuesday. the twcniy-iillh day of Julv nexr, at onco'clock; in tin; aflèrnoon ol that day. the premises in said mÓVtgage doscribed, as follows, lo wit: All thr.t certaiii picce or parce! of lnnd. siiuute, iyingand benig in cYuiuty of WnsVitenaw, ín the State üforesaid. and khoWn and described a3 being the southwest qlinrtër of 8?ction No. thirty-fouri in towntnip No. foür, somh of range No. four enst, containing one hundred and 6i.ty acres of land, be the èame inore or iess; excepting ar.d reserving all that certain pr-.rt óf siid trac; of latvi. nbove dtScrihcii, wliirh vm herctofore deeded by Grove Bnrkër and l'érsw Iaaía Cürrier." Said Mortgage hnving been givcn to secure the paymeiU of the purchase mouev of said premisos. GEORGE WESTFALL, Mort. II. A. Ñovks, Att'y. Datod. April lOth. ld-13. 5l-SmTO CÏ.OTHIERS AND WOOL CAUDERS. TUE subscribir woiild respectfuHy solicit the atierttion of Clothiers nntl Wool Cardcrs, 10 an cxnmination of his present Stock ofnriicles in tlieir line, asstlriug thcrn of thcir superior qunlity, [which will be appnrent üpon examinarían) and nnd of the unusiuilly loV rales at which he is enablcd to tcII tbein. Amcrig a vdriety of nrticlea belonging tJ the mny be er.urncratcd: Carda of overy dcscription; Shuttlci, Steel RcéJs 4-4 5-4 widc; Cloihiers JarfUs; Sairinett Warp: Émery; Tenter Hooks: Woisiod ílnrncss: Card Cleaners and platcs; Scrcws: Coppcr Kettles; Slit-aring Macliincs, Parsun'ti, albo. two or ilirre Carding Blachines. Tlie subscriber leels liimself warrnntcd in nasurins the irnde tbnt his supply of Clodiiers Toolsi BJciheï wit'n siii 12or 13 toii ot n?sorted DYE WOODS and DYK STUFFS, form onc of the largest and most complcie stocks of the kind ever uffcred tö the public of Michigan. - Owinr therufore to the nducements he enn ofTer to il.oec cn?ag.-d in the CLOtH DRESSING nnd WOOL CÍÁRDING business, of an exloitsivo .stook nnd low pricfei, lie solieiis ilicir cxnminati'in of the same .befare purchasiny or making afranííemenls eltewiiere. PIERRE TELLEK. Wholeeulc Drüggist, 130 Jetferson Avenue, Detroit. Aprii 17, 1843. r!-tf. JLÖSÏ IN the villnge of Ann Arbor, a BROAD AXE, wliha longhiokoryliandle. Tbc finder ia rcqtieetcd to Icavt it at the Signnl Office. April 2ö, 1643. .


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