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CHARLES T. TORREY, Editor and Proprietor. Office m the Latv Buildings, Second Ston, Comer of Deavcr and Market Streel. Tr „-n fK fí ber,Cü;nincnced the pull catión of a new duily paper on Tuesday, Jannary 3d. Ï8-12. Ir, rñln? ZT "V0 CaU8C of liberty fgood rals, commercial líewá, & general intclligcnco la rosard to general news, we mean to do 5 toall as our cote'mporarics. wWcKfllf mk? thTmn1 8pd, I?1OnCUry fiÚrS' arrange nCntS are in P" at a hcav' ?&, irrioIüflíUrfl un'110 earlies,t.forc ?d domesiic ínlelligence, includmg full reports of conEZri ÍJ hst SP!rr (Illl5"y "7' court reporte, and novices oí?our city nstitnüons SfliSrwiSow coCoLtr''1"' U WBI bC deVÜtCd t0 ÚlC CaUSC f LlBERTr' HS! 4Our ratea are lower than those of any o.her papcr. and they wül cóSu w béao A solect cla?s of advert.ments, will be inscrled also in our wceldy vi ich o cuLe, wWélv in every couniy in tlns State but 5. and to a considerable extent in 12 nthlr L, , ÏSï for 15 a country Week!y paper SítlS VrosDacïïï í lcrr!torics' ueer will be cntitled to an exchange with il.e Daily páüfot. PrSpectus SIZ lnser"on8, with a noAilcominuaieatioiu-miut be addressad to CHARLES T. TORREY, Publiehcr. I


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