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-Louis XVIII, in hisproclama'inn to the French, snys tlai"l,200,000 men ore mrivl.ing1 ngainst the iisnrper," ( Napoleon) :at the averoge-ttep of a soldier on march. one stfp of encli mnkes COO miles, and will wear out one pair of sloes; so tliat if tliry inarch 25 miles m ene riay, they will wear out 50,000 pair of shoes a:;d the whole (listance trnveied will bo SO. 000,000 milrs, or equul to 1.200 times round the globe of the enrih nt thecquatoi! If thé whole 1,200,000 men vere drawn up in a snírle line, nllowing two ("pet ench, the line woulil extciid from Lqndon to Edinghurg, four hundred mileï. The French huve cnsl Enghind ncaihj one Ihousttnti millions of gvineits! which vvould )urrh;ise hnlf the estutes in the kindom: oriuiiicl ten cilios ls large as London. - Viles1 Register, Jlug. 12, 1315. The JJmeers of Scider, whoso territory lies on the Indus, have r3cenllv been subdued by tlie British urrns, nnd tlie whole vnlley of the nver is consequently nnw a British province. It opens a vast reg.on of country to tlie marcli of civilization nnd religión. Less than 3000 disciplmed troops conqnered 25,000 Hindoo in a pitched battle! As surely as lime íolls on, the wliole of Central Asia will be bronght under thesway of England. Chinn, too, will be a dependent province ofa little island not


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