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Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty: Pro-slavery Mob I...

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On the 20íh ultimo, a compary of ten fugitives from Missoury to wit: three men, two women, and five children, two of whom were nfants of abuut thirteen months each, carne 10 the house of Mr. John Diamond of tliis Town, whokmdiy rcceived and entertained them, in obedience to the injunctions of the Holy Scriptures. His benevolent conduct toward3 the needy strangers, aroused the indigna tion of the mobocracy, some of whom, were professors of rfligion, and wlio that evening had attended a prayer meeting in the neighborhood, from wlience they proceeded to a store, and hoving matured their plans, and reinforced their nuinbers, by admitting to their rankssome aesociatea from the drunktry, and being furnished wilh guns, bells, drum?, horns, goose-quills. &tc. opproached the ho?pitub!e d welling, where the strangers were she'.teied. at about twelve o'clock at nighf, wherc they continued an liour or more, perforrning operations peculiar to mobocrats, and congenial wiih their depraved feelings. After they retired, Judgc Lynchs iiorse, alias a lence rail, with legs to it, with an image, and cerluin insenpüons upon it, was found standing near the door of the dwelling. The chureb, of whicli somexf the rioters were members, did themgelves great honor by expelling from the Communion, sucli of their number, as were participants in the outragea of that night, and the respectable part of i his community, indignant atsuch conduct. have not been bacltward to expresa their abhorrence of such tumultuous preccedings. At a meeting of the citizens of this Town. the 6th of May, th( following preamble and resolutions were adop ted:Whereae, from a recent occurrence in tliis Tuwn, ït nppears, that our respectable and quiet citizenr, cannot in peacc, perform the highest dutics they owe to God and man, in administering to the necesïities of the needy; in giving to tlie hoineles3 stranger, food and I shelter; in helping the porr, aefencelefs, and oppressed slave, to 'nis only place of refiige from the most cruel and relontless deípo;ism that ever scourged mankind; in transporting him beyond tha reach of thnt merciless liand, vvhich, fcbuugh wearied with lashing its victirn, has vet the stimulus of avsrice to dral its blows, crushing the tenderest feelings of humanity, by separating husbands and vvives, parents and cluldrcnthus blighliog every prospect that rendrs a lite, miserable at best, even supportable. Professing cbnstians, have, in a monstrons zeal, in the cause of tyrauny, even exchanged the houte of prnyer, for scènes of bacchanalian riots, and becanse forsooth, a nei"-!ibor did not turn the wavworn travcfller from bis door, to seek a shelter, more in keeping with, and accessible to, Lynch Jaw, and mobocrative violence; as though every principie of law, and christinnity, was tolerant of mobs an 1 in oppoïition to pnüanlhropy. Let it not startle the patrint, when he is to!d, that we bcldly avow our determination, to assist tbc pilgrim on liis way, to worship at the shrine of monarch tr. when in his owntry, the boasced knel of liberty, lyrants tread iiim in the dust, and even professinjí christians, as.?emb!e in mobs, and chant their orgies, wild with jeers and threais, at is door, who dares to givc him "aid and comfort." If there is bnt onc altefnative, to bow to the mandate of an unreasoning a tui nnprincipled mob, or an appeal to the lows of our Country, be it onrs 10 choose the latter, until a chance of hearl takes place (which they profesa to believe) eo ■ as to render an appeal to sympalhy effectual. Therefore, Resolved, That we fully j prove of the conduct of John Diamond, in entertaining the fugilive slaves and tliink he is jutified in the sight of his God, and hts countiy. Resolved, Thit we l)igh!y disapprove of the j conduct of those citizens wbü were engaged in the lats riot, end piedle ourselves to discounïonance &11 such proceedings. Resolved, That the proceedings of this meetino- be signed by the Chairman and Secretary, and pubhshed in the Signal of Liberty, and the Detroit papers are requested to cupy tiie


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