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Selections: Stop The Swindler

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Stop the Sivindler! What swindler? - Amorican Slavery! A swindler Ihat has defrauded more merchantp, ruined moro tradesmen, nnd impoverisiied nore widowa and orphans than have Rathbun, Edwtirds, and tlieir kindred forgers, and all gambleis and stock speculators to boot. Oí what has slavery swindled us? Slavery has swin.lled us out of our good name, and cheated us into her support. When our fathers established this government, ve thought the now oíd tashioned doctrine of man's equality woud remain itt; foundation stone. Ve then had a characler for Democracy; and t!ie liberáis of Europe - the lovers of freedom, were loiid in our praise. Now they cali us hypo cntö3. VVlien we talk about frecdorn and equality, they teil usnboiit our two and a ha!f milüous of Slaves; when the 6gn of "the star spangled banner,'' they teil us it protects the Africau 6lave-trade;when we denounce iha foreign slave-trader, they point us to our own slave-trade, which is licensed by Congress, in the District of Columbia. Thus, instead of being ret-pected as a nation of frcempn, they regard us as a slave-holding and slive trading republic. We can abolish slavery in the District of Columbio, and can put a stop to the domestic slave-trade. This can be done by CongresE,and Congress are the servants of il'.a people- not their masters. Tlie people of the North pay at least four-fifths of the expenses of the general government. Florida was purcbased to sustain elavery, at the cost of five niillions of dollars; ths North gave Tour : milüons towards buying it. The Florida warhas cost not loss than fifiy rhillions, ofwhich Iho Ñorth has paid furty millions. Do you wonder the nation ig bankrtipf? There is a la-ger military force kept at thé South than at. the Ñorth. Why is ihi=? Becauso elavery exists at the South, and slavery is always attended by danger. Of whom is this force composed? Mainly of Northern so'diers and seamen, commanded by Southern officers!- Who pays this army and this navy? Tho greater part of their pny come3 from the laborer at the North. The slavehnlders, having flavca at their command, don't work ihemsélves . They thlnk it beneath thetn to make shoes - lo manufacture cabinet ware - to forge iron work - to dig canals - buiid rail roads, plougli, or engage in ary useful ein ployment. Do such men lead a truly honorable üfc? If a man don't work himself, some one must work fur him, unlèss he starves to denth. The slaves support their iiiasters, but they don't do as much work as northern laborers can do, or as they would tío jf paid for their labor, and the cousequence is that the South has gone behind hand, and can't pay her debts. We have purchased a large portion of her produce which she never paid her slaves for growing - have paid and overpaid her in our own honesily acquired goods, and find wo must whistle for the balance she owea us. There is now due from the Sou'h to the Noith, from one to four hundred millions of dollars, for goods we have sold them, and wiiich we will probably never get. How siavery has swindled us!Slavery has swindled u ihto supporting lier by our constituticnal plédgs to return the fno-itive slave to nis mas'.er, and to nid the South in putting 'down slave insurrections.- What doe3 the Bible say? "Thou halt not deliver unto his master the servant that is escaped Trom his master unto thee. He shall dweil with-thee, even among you, in that place which he shall chooie, in one of ihy Í gntes where it liketh bim best; thow shall not oppress him."- Deut. xxiii. Í5. 16. "As ye would ihat men should do unto you, do ve even so untn them." If you were a slave escaping froni the south, would you iike to be J sent back to your master? If the sla ves get tired of being subject to their' masteri, as our fathers grew tired of being subject toEngland, and likfi them were co fighl for their fredom, we would be liable to be sent South to fij ht against them as the Hessians were sent herc to fight against us. Would you like to do so? Slavery has trickd us into a promise to hold ourselves ready thtïs to act. Slavcry lias swindled us out of our fair proportion of representaiion in our National Legidature. The South have three-fifths of thcir slave property represented in Congress. As wcll might the North claim that her horses and oxen shouid be there represented. If I the slaves were free and could vote for whom thej pleased, they would then hnve a riglic to be i epresented, not only three-fifths of them, bnt the whole. But they are held only as J property, end this property representation gives the South twenty-lhree or twenty-four mere ropresentatives than sho oughi to have; it gives her too, the same number of votes in the electoral collfge; and in the distribution ! of government lands, a slave-holder with one hurdred slaves receivos as much as sixty-one Northern freemen! Don't this look like pay - mg men to be slave-holders? Doa t you think it time the Swindler, Slavery. was sfopped? Tliere nre many other ways in which rlaverv has swindled nu, to which wt cannot


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