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Messrs Editors: - I transmit to yon for publication ín your i Journal of Comtnercc. the Following ! ng comrniïnicatJou, j'ist reccivod from London. lt is a letter written by a gentleman in tlmt city to M. léambert cf Párisj secretnry óf the French Anti-Slnvery Society, in rcply to questions propo?ed by liim lo Mr. Scoble. - I would liere add tliat recent inteiligence has been received froni Londori, tlmt the British Government iiave official!; iuforinod the coinmittee of the British and Fdrêïgh Anti-Slüvery Society thatslavcry lns been enlirely nbolished at Maiaccaj Singapore and Penang, inckiding tvvelve mi'.lions of pcople lately in bondafe.ours, rpspectfhlly, J. BRITISI1 WEST INDIËS. I5th Maren, 1243. ) 27 New Brond streef, LoNDON. $ JMy Dear Friend - In complionce wilh your requesi I now forward to you u comparative statement of the omount of sugar and coffêe received from the Brit sli West Indies, incaid'mg the Briiish Guiann, during the yenrs endin y the 5tli of Janna ry, 1842 nml 1843. Sugar. 1841 2 - 2,135,500 cwts - 1842 tJ - 2 473,715 cwts- coffee, 1841-2-27,070,902 lbs - 184-2-3 - 20,407,471 Ibs., showing an increa.-e in the imports (f silgar fjom the Briiish West Indif s durintr the la?t year, of SHö,215 cwts. and of c o fff e S,S46,479 lbs. The imilligence rcceivrd fr m the British Colonies by the last packel. n reference to the emps of sugar expected to be rcaped ind isbipped home during tlie present }'ear, is of a very gratifying1 de-crition. The Jamaica Stundard a plan'er's organ States liiat ':the c.op for exportation will txeoed 50,000 hlids. bring an increase of 5.000 upon that of the last year, and 20,000 upon that oftlie year preceeding." The Trinidad Standard, unoüier organ of the planters,observes.tliat íit is cons:dered ïhat should the erop season prove as favorable as was anicipated, the iiland may ship'. an increase of 2,ooo!hngshends over the quantity oí' lostjyear." The Briish Guiuna Jtoyal Gazelte says that Kthe exporis of 1C4-2. as appears by the custoin-hote rctunr, exceed those o)' 1341 by 2,012 bogsheads nf Sugar, 1,715 casks cf Molasses, and 1,088,463 Jhs of coffee;'' and it predicts "that the exports of 1843 will exceed those of 1842 by 7,000 hogsheads of Suar." Although no estirante is given of the probable amouni of tho crops of otlier West India Colonies, Ihe papers representing the planting interest speok in e(u;iUy favorable term?; for instance, Barbadoes will renp "a inuch larger erop than laat year;" Sr. Kitts anticipuled "an abundant harv'&t;' St. Vincent "gives promisc of a good erop:" and the same may be said of Antigua, St. Lucia, Dominica, Nevis nnrl TühnfTi).How far the late dreadful eartliquake ia the West Iodies, may nnpede tlie ingathering of the Sugarjcrop in An'igua, St. Kitts, and Dominica, we are not able at present to sn}T, but it appears by the accounts wliich have been received, tbat there has been a great distiuction of the milis in tliese islands, particnlarly in Antigua. We trust, however, they wijl nl recover the t-hnck and tiiat the n.irvest will be safely gaihered in; and &houid this happil} be the case, there can be no do'ibt tbat the quantity of Sugar exportod to Grcat Britain from her West Inrlian Colonies for the yea 1343, will exceed that of 1842 by manj thausnnds of tons. You wül thus eee, nv der," sir, that, notwithstanding the siniete predictions of the foee of emancipation, we nced entertain no fear of a short supply o Sugar. AB0LIT10N OF SLWRRY IN BRÍTISH INDfA.ïn reference to the abolition of Slavery m British India, 1 have the most chcering,' news to impart to you. On the 25th Feb. a deputation from our committee had an interview with Lord Fitzgerald, President oftlie Board of Control, to present a memorial to Irwi on that important subject. During the conversation vvhich took place, his Lordsliip btnted to the deputation that six rnonths previously, the government bad tiansmitted its orders on the subject lo the Governor Goneral in Council, the effect of of which would be when einbodied in an enactment, the virtual abolition of Slavery, tliroughont our vuet Jlerritories in Hindooslan. The last mail contains the draft of the proposed lavv, which I herewith, transmit to you, viz: 1. It is hereby enacted and declared, thal no public ofijcernholl in execution of any decree or order of conrt, or for the enforcement of any demand of rent revenuen, sell or cause to be sold,:iny person,or the right to the compulsory labor of services or any person, on the ground that such peison s in a state of blavery . 2. And t is hereby declared and enacted, that no rights out of on alledgcd property in the peson ond services of another as a slave, shall be enforced bv any civil or criminal conrL or magistrate witlijn the Jterrilories of the Eist India Cornpany. 3. And i i is hereby declared and enacted, that no person who inay hnve acquired prop erty by his own industry or the exercisc of any a-t, calling or profession,or by inheritance, aseignment, gift or bequest shnll be d6pos&essed of iiuch proporty or prevented from takïng po.session, thereof, on Ihe ground that such person, or that the person from whom the property may have been derived was a ülave. 4. And it is hereby enaoted, that any act whidi would bc a peiial oftencc f done to htree man, shnll be equally an offence if done to any person on the pretex of liis being in a cond ilion ofslavery. I ain &LC (Signet?) JOHN SCÜBLE, Sec. Tli'is ilie glorious work goes on! Chains are breakingT shnckles ure failing from the limbs of millio, and their ncclamations of joy nscendinjf to heaven. Man will be free.! Liberty, hL dearèsl, long lost inlicri'ance shall be reötored. But wiiat slump, wliat dislrcssing hum'Hation are reflected pon our own country! - i To look over our beloved Jand, to look at tlie i pulpils, the cliurclies, Ihe ïcligious tion.--, tlie piop, politics, congress, thegovernmcnt, its Jiearly lliree uiillions in our borders cryiiïg to be delivered, is enouffti to cause the lieart to wriihe n nnpuish. Musl we come last? .Must we be tlie last people on the foce of the eurth to prpcjaim liberiy to the captive? üittiry m'nt-t ènswer. But come we must -- Oh wlio will nrt consecri!e ancw his wcnltfa nnd himself to this stiipendous, noble cnter1 prisn? Itssuccessis nnnr, and wliat we do


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