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■ We think this liacknicdject vviil soon lose niucli of lts interest as a dividing questión. Tlie Govornnient must have a competent reverme; and tiiat levenue, for the present at least, will be raised by duties o mports. Ther e 'vill be a d.saffection of" those portions of the people who pay the heaviest proporción of the duties; but we appreliend that tbere s no great (langer of a largo xhdncfion The duties cannot well be higher than they now are. Daniel Webster saya ihey are bigh - kigh enough. They cannot be largely reduced without irnpairin the national reverme. Resides, the difference between Whigs and Democrats on thÍ3 qnrs'ioiij if there be aüy, is almost intnngible - lindeflnable. Suppoee a duty of 20 per cnt to be laid on any manufacturcd article, what practical diffi.Tence does it niake whetüer wo say tbat tlie duty t for ' Direct Prolection," as 0. part of the Wliigs liave f, or for 'Revenue luposes with Incidental Prolection," as a part of tlie WhiífS &, a part of the Democrats hold? Wh y dispute about words? It nppears that Mr. Clay has turned into an "incidentur man A Lexiugton japer of Ap;il 11, maíces hitn to say in a public speech that the Whigs "had sticcecded in passing a TarilF, vvhich while it afTords sufficient revenue to meet the wanta of an econoniical adininistration of the government, a1; the same time lurnishes adequate iNciDK.vTAL rROTEOTtoN to American industry." How does this doctrine differ from llmt of Cass, Johnson, Calhoun, k-c.l05 Jt is said that there was o previous nnieratsnding in the Dnnocralic part of the New York Legislature that the Jury Trial law should be lelt just whoe it is - that the act rcpealiug it should pnss tlie House, asa show of itonement to Virginia, for the obstinacy and independence nianifested by New York during Seward's administraron, whüe Ihe bill should f'ail in the Senate, to prevent jeopardizing Mr. Van Buren's interosis at home - f.hus steering a muidle course between the slaveholders and abolitionists. This view of the case is believed in Virginia and New York. It is considerad by samo to be a fine struko of policy. Bul after all, how much more can be gained vyith friends or foes by such tricks and duplicity, than by an open and straight forward course of aclion? 05 A correspondent of the Philanthropist iiow in Boston writes, that Judge M'Lean ivould snit the YVhigs of that State mucli better ns a candidate for the Presidency than Mr. Clay. Headds:"It dors secm strange that tlie same pcoplc wliose legislation enacts the law to punish the officer who may aid in the rccovery of a runaway s'nve witli imprisonment lor onc year, and a fine of n thóusand dollars, should at the same lime put in noinination for the highest office in the nation, n man who u advertisès in the public papers for runavyay slave-1, and holds himselt' fifty human beings under his own despotic control. But this is American consislency." Or" The Editor oí the Kennobec Journal (Whig-,) lias been reading Jay's View lately, and his eyes are somewhat opened. He, o-ives his readera a long extract from the work, and tells thein that The connections of cnr national government with eïavery are proper Bubjectá foroUlical action, and thereforc smtable for discussion in n political paper. Not that they shoiild be the sole basis of a political party, but they shoulcl rece;ve from all porties the consideration wiiich justly belongs to them, without ubandoning otJier interests of imruediate vital importance." Commodore Porter, the United States Charge d Affuirs, at Constantinoplc, died thcre on the third ultimo.


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