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The elcctioii lias resulled in thechoice of 1 1 Deinocratp, 3 Whigs, and Mr. Wise. The lust g ntleman (!) to secure his election, was compelled to promise to sup" porttlie nominee of the Democratie National Convention! B-tls, Stuart, W. Smit!1, Ilunter and bere of the last Congress, were dufeated. A writer n tlie Richniotul Whig warns the people of the Soulh ngainst some anti-slavery article in tli New World, and recominends to "evcry gentleman in Virginia" to stop the paper. How tnriblc ! Qr The establishment of Teachers' Seminaries will do much for tlie improvement of comino schools The Albany Patriot enys that four State insliUttions for this purpose are to be organizad in New York in tiie Full. Each will receive $1200 a year, and will be placed under the care of the State Superintendent, nnd requested to make this their principal business. (EPThe old American A. S. Society held i-s anniversary in N. Y. on the 9ih. The Tribune b-'iys nbout 1500 persons wcre presnt. The nnnual report spoko l'avorably of -the prospecis of the cause. The A. S. Standard, tlie of t!ie society luisa circulation of aboul 5000 copies. - The r.-ceipts of the society, including ihoso of' theSlandard, have been about ."jfil'2,000: iheexpendiuires about the sane. Eiy'n ?ür ten lec.urers have been generally in the field, nnd I.G0) meetings held-, at which 100,01)9 persons were present. 07 Messrs. II. H. Kellogg, Amold Buffum and Rov. Mr. Blanchard have gono to the World's Convent ion from the West. - The Eastern Delc-gates we do not remember, except Mr. Leavitt of i.he Emancipator.


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