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General Intelligence: Elder Knapp Out Against Slavery--Fire...

General Intelligence: Elder Knapp Out Against Slavery--Fire... image
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- Richmond, April 17, 1843.Dkar Sir - Yon ure probnbly aware tliat Eider Knapp has boen preaehing with the most nuexampled success for the last four or five weeks in tliis most ungodly cuy. Im'eed. his trurnpet-vnice has faiied to reuch bui. few The thuuder of his artillery has not even sparee! thn tympanums of' the most aristocratie t-xclireives in ihehr Shockhoe IIÜ1 palace?, nor the reönementfl of ordinary society. But he is gone. Several remarks, indicative of his principies, were suffered to drop during1 hisfirat discou s's, which drew forth the warning voices of his brethron in the ministry - remarks which, jüdging from indicatiana in the subuibs not to be misunderstood, have not been with out clicir legitímate cfTt;r:t. He had been repealedly enjoined to confine his pxhortations to íhe laudable purpose of saying soiits, nnd to (et the peculiar institutïoïis cf the South alone. He liad been frequently told ihat his remarks on that subject were calculated to counteract the good influencee he might olherwise exert, were he to display thé same eal in the good cause albrenientioned; but all wouldn'i do; he cntinued to hurp on that bold statement that 'all men are bom free and equa] - 'edúcate yonr liltle mggers' - 'admit Ihe colored ladies and gem men into your pews.' &c. On one occasion, he onñounced that he should preach to the colored populalion of Ilichmond and M-nchester on a certain evening, but he was forbiddeñ by the Mayor and City Council. I Ie had made known his int ention to remain with us until to diy, but was so onènfiye on ast Thursday evcning, before a large concourse in the second Baptist Chwrch. that he was ordered to leave the city in tvrelve hours. He left the Church, went to hi lodgings, and, I understand.liad lo lake his clothing from the wash-lub, pnek them up that night in theirdripping conlition, and 'cut stick' in the daybreoK train for the North. 1 suppose the next time hn holds forth, he will cry 'persecution,' ard cali the Virginians heathens. The consequences of his visit are insubord i nat ion among our neg roes, nighMy patrols of the by au additional body of pólice, and a nearer npproximation of his majesty,tlie devil, with whom he had imercourse, rathér tlian a nearer walk with God. He is a case, and np miatuke. Troly, there is 'a greal dea! of piety iu this woild. Comparativa cost of Var and of Mtssions. - The N. E. Puritai), in corhméntin'g on tbc present State of the Sandwich islande, very jusüy usks, "what has been the cost of an elevation of a nation from barbarism to civlization? ít has cost 23 ye:rs of labor. It has cost the labor of ihirty ministes of (he gospel til'teen teachersjfive physic'nns, four prhiters, and sixty-one fcrnalé helpers, mailing a total of only 115 laborers. It Ins cost 84'Í3,000, or 20,000 a year. With tiiis small expenditure of time, and labor and mouey, rendered effectual by the t-ignal ouipouring of the Holy Spirit upon the lálandSj a civiíized and Christian n-uion hassprung into existence, and wül probably be soon recognized as such by the otlier nations of the earih. lt costs" - (all these estimates are lówj - 31,000 a year to support o:ie brig or schooner of war in time of peace; - ïfi170,000 to 6upport a frigate, and 200,000 to support n ship of the line. Tlie army of the United Staes, of less tban 12,000 men, cost last yeat four million of dollars. The Florida war on a lew nnfovtunate Indians. eost from 30 to 50 miUum of dollars. The conquest and occupation of Algiers for twelve years by the Frenen, have cost the nation one. hundred and Iweiili l millions oj dollars and Iwentij thausand Uves. The late Exploring Expediti'on, sent out by ¦ our own governmcnN uost moro Ihan the


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