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-The republic of Urnguav inkoiitli America, which lias ]ately abolished , slavery, iü aboiu os largeas Texas; posïessing about the same climote, nnd is about as far soulh of the Equator, as Texas and Florida ( are north of ir. It possessg great i mereiul advantages, and it lies north and ! I mediately bordering upon the great River De ü La Plata and tlie Atlantic Ocean. It contains ! t a poptilation of íi.%000. Its principal t rnert-iál town is Montevideo. Tliis repnulic was formcrly a part of the Brazüs, oud we canijot bul look to this movement with the u iope that il will be followed by tlie Brazilian i Repnblic in llie catire ibolition of Slavéry. i Should this bo the case, what an immense l f goorl would bo effected not only to the entire I country enJ to the slaves thoré held in ( ag-, biu in suppressing ihe fo.eign sla ve trade by lirniting the demand for laves. This mnst diabolical traffic would be narrowed down then tú Cuba, and to the stealthy, but rather t exten-ive trnce in Texas and some of the t Southern States. - Patriot. fikill in Manufactures. - VVool is at i sent so cheap, and tlio manufactures in { ncliusetlsso ekillful, thnt tbey malee excellent Mousseline de Laine, i. e. woolen mnslin, for 8 cents r yard. Pray teil! what do t such mD wint of a Tu riff. - Press. A :arifl'! - Why we need it to keep up very in Louisiaria, by döulilirig llie príce of stigar - io keep Brazil nd India cotton out of our markets; - to ray Florida war bilis:- to pay 15,000,000 a year, in lime of peuce, lor warlike purposes, cjiicfly to support southern "gentlemen," inthearmy and navy; and,above all, to prevent the i-Jentification of theinteiests o!' the aborjng classes of the free Stutes with those of Europe, by having open maikets for our producís, in England, France, Spain, and Italy. Are thec sujficicnl reasonsl-- Patriot. A Bnffilo paper lhu speaks of the benefits that have been conferredupon the commercial cotnmunity by the establishment of private I ex prestes: " "They cary coin and bilis at so low a rate that exchange on never range very high. - The amount of exchange on New York annunüy sold in Biiffalo is not far from five miliions. Before the establishment of an express I the premium was frorri i tol and 1 per cent, j piemium, nccording to the season. It is now and has been for the last six montos, only 3 of 1 percent. The suving to the public from this sonree alone has n. t been lest ihon S-25,000 annually, to say ïiotiiing of other business advantageSj Indeed, in this respect well conducted express )ncs perform with celerity and fidelity some of the n;ost valuablo services of a national bunk." The Siamese Tiems. - These extraoidinary men - extraordinary from a monstrous bodily dvifprmity which lias tinited them inseparably for life - have egain come before the public under circumstances that will awaken surprise. They have been living tbr several years on their own plantation in North Carolina, wliere they have latelv been married, according to the unnexed unnouncement - Manu Patriot. "pnTaesday, April Ifith, married at Vrilkes Co., N. C, by Eider Cnlby S.arks, of the Baptist Ciiurch, Messrs. Cang and Eng, the Siamese Iwin brotuere, to Missen Sa:ah and Adrflaide, danghters of Mr. David Yates of VVilkes Co., N. CS'-Couricr and Enqnirer. The pubÜshcr of the Southern Literary Messenger in lus orospectus, speaking of the necessiiy of Inving sucha periodical in the South, says: 'The South pecnlhrly requires such an ag.:nt. In all the Union, south of Washington, ihefi are bui two Littrary pcriodiculs! JYortkiCftrd of that city, there are probahly al j least tictnty five ur thirty.' Is this contrast justified by the wealth, the leisure, the native talent, or the actual literary taste, of the Southern people, compared iviih those of the Northern? No; for in wealth, talents and laste, we may juslly chim at least an equalily with ou r bretbrën: and u domes ic institution exclusively our own beyond a!l doubt affords lis, if we clioose, twice the leisure for reading and writing, which they enjoy." The Cuba Insurrection. - A friend informs us that the Louisa esiate, nenr Cárdenas, the sluve-s of which were concerned in the late insurrection, iá'the proparty o.'" Dm A. L. Kingj an American, brother of Senator King, of the United States Congreso. A letter from Cuba, inlhe Charleston Courier, states that the nurnber of sla ves killed, or who committed suicide,during and subsequently to the late insurreeïion ne:ir Cárdenas, is ubout 500. "The scène a few days after wards," says the wriïer, "was very revolting. none of the dead were buried, and their swollen corpses lying on the ground, or hanging from the limbs of trees presented a horrible sppctacle, while thedeserted estates,the burnt fielda and dwellngs added sti'l ir.'ore to the air of desolaüon spread around.' Important. - We learn from thePo.tland Advertiser, that the Connecticut House of Representativos is composed ofl03 Democrats, 74 Whigs, and that there are 37 vacancies; and that a whig would have been elected in each of the towns where no choice was made, if it had not been for the nominal ions of the 'Liberty Party." So. says the Adverti-er, 'the Democra!s may thnnk the Liberty Party, not pnly for ihree mtmbers of Ccngress from that State, but for their majorily in the House of Representatives." Smart concern, that little Liberty Party. - V i t Ii only a few lhöu3and votos ihey decide the election in one half of the free States' - Will, never mind; these are hut the be-nnings of sorrow. - Áangnr Gazett. The Tobacco Crop of the United Sta'es for 13 42, is estimftied at iy4,G94,C9L lbs. - When we reflt-ct how many quids there are in I a pounrj of tobáceo - and how much each quid bas to be chewéd, what a tremendoiis quantity of labor is performed by the jaws of the Tobacco chewers. - Organ. You should have lbouglit of the wear and tear of conscience, polluted liRarts, nnd carpetSjfretful wives, and want of moral principie iinphed in so much quidding. - Patriot. Manujactures. - The proportion wliioh the manu tact uring population in Austria bears to the agricultura] s as Ü to 100, in Prussia 18, in France 3G, in England 45. Tl.e pcpu!ation of the towns in Austria is to that residing in villaofes and on the lands, n f.bp proportion of 23 to 100, in Prussia 27 in France 33, u England 50. The machine power in England is equal to thai of L,500,000 horses or 13,000,000 men. Judge Jay. - In obediencc to the will of Southern masters, the Now York Exeaitive luis rcfused to re-appoint Jude Jay lo the office of JudgC) the dutics of w!iich he has licrcluforcso laitlifully dïsoharged.Verdict against Jesse Hoyt, late Collector f JYew York. In the snit of the Umted ■stalea va. Jeese Hoyt, tlio jury returned a erdict for tlie grovemment, of $220,837. The lahn was $225,000. Mr. Hoyt's account, if llowed, vvould have mnde the balance due 81 litu $179,000. One kem was a charge of , :Lil,0GO, being a corninission ofone percent. n all hia receip's and disbursements,during nis v erin of office. a w Pnncluality. - íf yon delire to enjoy life 0 vuid iinpunctual pcople. They mpede busíess and poison pleasure. Make it your own ule not unly to be punctual, but a little r urehand. Stich a hubit secures a composure tL ühsch is essential lo happiness. For want l f ilmony people live in a constant feverand ! 'Ut all about ihcm fn a fever loo. Ie Peur Tree. - An account is given of a pear fc ree i Knox co. Indiana, near Vincennes. f( noasuring at a distance of one foot cbove tlie t fround ten feel in circtimference, i:s top béng Eixly-nine fret in diameter. It bears "' nost every year about 135 bushels of choice ruit. The amount of rail-road already in operaion in this country, exceedá in total length, ' he railroads in all oiher counti ies combined. - C L'he cost so far is estimnted at $120,000,000, md in ihe course of nnother year about 80C mies more of road will be completed. Wi'è Hop:. - A pnper was reccnlly re:id beore the 'Li ver pool Society of Aru. by A Sinith. i! v.hiiii it w;jrf Btaicd that the resuhs of many Mrcful experimentsshdwed 'Int standing rigging jf wire ropp. ofequal strengili with the liPinpen rope. one-ihird of iis size, and half the weiglit, muy be futed a'. about twö-thirda of the cost. - S'icíí Anchor. Conneclicut. - Gov. Cleavland recommendá i the abolition of capital punishment. He says j tlie receipts of theTreasury are $23,000 more than the expenses: tiiat the Stule Prison has ! earned $0,000 more than its expenses, and j the school fund received m income of 8G0, or $1 40 for each child in the State.-- i Patriot . Ji Fourier Jlssodation has been fonned in i Jefferson co. , 1,300 acres of land have been purchasei), two miles from Watert own, on the Black river. Nearly all the capital, 50,000 dollars has been paitl in. Florida. - It is said that nearly all the 200,000 acres of land given as a boumty to settlers, j bylhf! last Congress, have been taken up; that a crowd of setlers are coming into other parta I of the Territory. Tlie Journal oj Commerce represents Ihe number of slaves set Ireo in British India, at twelve miiltoiisl The Government has giver. orders to free all shves in the colonies on the Malay Coast. Prices of Collón. - At Macon, Geo. Mar. 1 5,31 to bl cents; nt Coliimbus, Geo., 3 to 4J. 1 The papers complain oí' the'dull aspect' of the marfeel. No wonder! There is no profit in laiog cotton at hat mte .lt doe6 i.o pay the plantation expeuce. Yucatán - The General of the Yucatán army. Guadaloupc, is dead. General Amptidia has teken command of the Mexican forces, j and it is supposed they will soon complete the j conquest of the country. By the Gonesee Court of Oyer and Termij ner, sitting at Batavin, Benjamin D. White I lias been found guilty of lije murcfer of his fat her about a year since. The defence set up, as usual in the case of enormous crimes, was insanity. Western Railroad. - On and after the 12th ! inst. the price of passage bet ween Albany i and Boston is to be reduced to $4, which is $1 j lower than last summer. The way fares are I lo rema;n at the rates of last summer - say three cents per mile. A ton of lard is consunied daily in the manufacture of lard oil at Marshall, in this State. There is now every reasan to believe that thid arricie of American manufacture will 6oon be exported to E u rope in large quantities. - Jaekson Dcmocrat. A minister rccently preached in Baltimore with a pair of hand-cuffs in his pocket, which immëdiately after the sermón, he put upon a femalc slavp, on ship board, to be iransported to the South. - Ciiristian Investiga tor. How They Live. - At a "conservative and agriculfural" dinner in Buckingham, England, Dr. Marsharn affirmed that (fivk millions of the popniation of Great Brilain, lived on out-meal, whilst another FIVB MiLLiows rejoiced upon pota toes.' Ashes. - In 1-839, Michigan exporfed 672 caks of Pot and Pearl Ashes; in 1840, 1,052; ir. 1841, 2,827; and in 1842, 3,649. Cincinnali . - The population of Cincinnali is 72.000. In 1840 it was about 54,000. - Fifteen hnndred buildings have been erected there during the last two years. The whigs of Tennessee have rnised their banner with the words 'United States Bank' iiiácribed upon it. Solitary Confinem:nt - This mode of punishment has been abandoned in Rh ode Jsland, ns Injurioua to health, and sometimes to the intellect.


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