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rlP ïi & fêïï ETS B7 ií? rEP Ü- o E i ia. [Hú. n3 k'j ai. il. 9 BEGS leave to inform the nhabhnnts of Ann Arbnr, nnd thé surroundiiig country, ihat hnving locnted himself in the Loicer Viltage, wi th the view of cnrrying oh tlie nbove b.uiinê i in nll its brancUes. (some of whicb ai t HOUSE. SroN. aïïÖ ORNAMENTAL PAINTING, GILDING and GLAZIA'G. GRAINlNG, it iniitütion of nll Wooda, MARHJMZING. TRANSPARENCIES, BANKKRiS, &c. re-ipectfiilly sulicit.s n sliare of public patronage, us hÍ3 prices shnll be luw to conform to the tinicf and his work (Jone ín the best mnnner. T. L. would sa)' to Farmers that he is pnrticularly desirous to nttend to thcir calis, as produce is the best kind of pay. Ann Arbor, LuwèrTown, March G. 1843. 45. - ly. GROUN Í) PLASTER PRICB REDÜCKD TO KIKB DOLLARS TER TO.t. TUK siil)scribers have now on hand and wil! continue lo keep i g-oixl pupply of ÍMrosasad Plaslcs, ín Unrrols, at tlieirStme in Detroit, (123, Jefferson Avenue,) and m Buik, at their Plu si er MUL on the River Iload, hnlf way between Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor. The nbovc is from the Séneca Falls nnd Grand lyiper. Piaster Bede. boih noted for their euperiority. KLDRED &, CO. Janunrr 1?, 1843J 46-Gni.


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