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The Ecology Center Of Ann Arbor

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Community Resource Directory EnVirOniTIGílt 41 7 Detroit Street AnnArbor,MI48104 761-3186 Statement of Purpose Environmental issues are manifestations of many of society's most pressing problems, such as the need to manage more carefully our dwindling resource base, and the question of how to respond to the pressure for rapid development of complex technologies. These issues range in scope from local to global, from preserving wilderness areas to revitalizing our urban centers. Solutions to these problems will only ahse through examining and changing our institutions, our lifestyles, and our attitudes toward the human inf rastructure and the environment. The mission of the Ecology Center is to effectively channel community resources into meaningful involvement and action on environmental issues. The Ecology Center is therefore an organization which values diversity in its membership and has deep roots in the surrounding community. The Center offers a unique opportunity for individuals to contribute their time and effort toward a cause that is unquestionably vital. The Center pursues its broad aims through numerous programs , each of which may have several components: education, advocacy, demonstration, and service. In all of these programs, the Ecology Center maintains a balance between involvement at the local level and involvement on a broader scale, where these are clearly relevant to the interests of the Center"s membership and the surrounding community. Meeting Times and Places Meetings of Ecology Center committes and task forces, including an issues steering committee, pesticides task force, environmental education committee and others, take place at 3 to 5 week intervals, and new volunteers are invited. Informal orientation meetings with a staff person prior to involvement are usually scheduled. For more information, contact the Ecology Center. Membership Profile The Ecology Center has over 2,000 member househokJs, mostly in the Ann Arbor area. Members include over 150 businesses and approximately 200 volunteers. Membership rates are $15 per household, $5 for seniors. Regular volunteers receive a free membership. Member benefits include a year"s subscription to Ecology Repons, the Center"s monthly newsletter, environmental alerts on critical local issues, discounts on Center publications and merchandise, energy visits, voting rights to elect board members , and invitations to member activities. Sponsorships, bequests and special contributions are welcomed. Organizational Structure The Ecology Center s organized as a nonprofit corporation with a board of directors to oversee the operations of the organization.Committees of the Board, (made up of community members, volunteers and Board members), citizen task forces and staff at the Center all make recommendations to the Board of Directors on organizational issues. The staff of the Ecology Center are organized democratically, rather than hierarchically, with major decisions of the staff being made by the consensus of the staff. All staff receive the same rate of pay for their work. Committees of the Board include: a recycling incentives committee, a personnel committee, a committee on resources, an education committee, an issues steering committee, and a numberof ad hoc committees. Candidates for the Board of Directors are nominated by a nominations comittee of the Board, or directly by members. Current Board members include: President, Barbara Wykes, VicePresident, Ken Ludwig, Treasurer, Pat Corey, Secretary, Susan Morrison, and Staff Representaties: Francés Bunch, Leroy Cappaert, Joyce Chesbrough, John Edgren, Jim Frey and Nancy Stone. The Ecology Center practices affirmative action for minorities, differently-abled individuals, and others in its staff hirings. Community Services Environmental Information and Referral: Assistance by phone is available Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM, and Saturday, 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Environmental Library and Resource Center: Over 2,000 books, hundreds of topical files, journals and curricula are available for public use, Monday through Friday, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM and Saturday, 9:30 AM to 1 :00 PM. Recycle Ann Arbor Monthly Curbside Pickups: The Center provides set-scheduled monthly pick-ups of recyclables on every city street. Trucks piek up newspapers, glass, tin cans, aluminum, used motor oil and batteries. Cali the Ecology Center to determine your pickup day. Commercial Recycling Pickups: Special pickups may be arranged for local businesses and institutions wishing to recycle. Cali the Ecology Center for f urther nformation. Recycling Drop-Off Station: The Center also operates a drop-off station for non-residents and those who just can't wait for their pick-up day or have missed it. The staion is open FrkJays and Saturdays, 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Home Energy Works: The Center's Energy Team offers weatherization, energy education and comprehensive audits to renters, homeowners, and property managers, and is available for community development contracts. Services are often free to low-income households. Cali the Ecology Center to see if you qualify for a free home visit. Environmental Educational Activities and Events: Presentations and slide shows are available. Annual events nclude: Recycle Week, Ecology Week, the Bike-A-Thon, and the Center's annual meeting. All of these events are open to the public. Issues Programs: Issues programs involve: research, policy analysis and lobbying. These programs are primarily carried out by volunteersmembers. Current project areas nclude: Household Toxics, Pesticides and Herbicides, Community "Right to Know" About Toxics, and the Environmental Education Outreach Program. Volunteer Opportunities: All program areas at the Ecology Center utilize the involvement of members and the local community. Individuals interested in any aspect of the Ecology Center's work, or just simply with some extra time to lend a hand, should contact the Ecology Center. Current News In January, the Ecology Center of Ann Arbor elected two new members to the Board of Directors, presented six Community Service Awards, and celebrated its two-thousandth member at its annual meeting at the Old Second Ward Building in Ann Arbor. Patricia Corey and Joyce Chesbrough were elected by the membership of the Ecology Center to three year terms on the Board. Community Service Awards were given to five individuals and one agency, all of whom were deemed to have provided outstanding service and leadership in the wise use and protection of the environment. The awards were presented to: Janet Cohen, outdoor writer, the Ann Arbor News, for her contribution to increasing public awareness of local environmental concerns; Joan Martin, for her initiative and commitment as organizer of a citizen task force examining the impact of pesticides on our local environment, and for advocating the use of less toxic altematives; Charles Griffith, for his extensive work researching and drafting the RightTo-Know regulation for Washtenaw County; Susie Starr, for coordinating the Sister Lakes group of over 18 Recycle Ann Arbor Block Coördinators; and the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners for their foresight in researching the problems associated with local hazardous substances and for seeking long-term management solutions. In February, the Ecology Center received a grant for $430,000 from the State of Michigan to purchase equipment for the Recycle Ann Arbor (cont. on next page) The Ecology Center (continued f rom previous page) program intended to increase the capacity of the program in order to serve some multi-family dwellings and to provide recycling transportation and processing assistance to other communities. The grant also allows for a year-long promotional campaign for participation in the city-wide recycling collection program. In Maren, The Ecology Center participated in a program at the Ann Arbor Public Library on "Spring Cleaning and Gardening Without Toxics". Ecology Center Education Coördinator Nancy Stone, provided an overview of concerns, altemative methods and products and disposal recommendations. Representatives of the County Cooperative Extensión Service and Department of Public Health also spoke. The Center offers such information for callers and visitors year-round at its office on Detroit Street. Corning Events Events in April and May include the Center"s fifteenth annual Bike-A-Thon on Sunday May 4th to raise money for the Ecotogy Center"s "core" programs. Once again there will be refreshments, entertainment, andhundreds of prizes for those participating in this special event. The Center is encouraging businesses, couples, organizations, groups, and schools to form teams to compete in a varíety of categories for prizes ranging from a weekend in Toronto, courtesy of Faber Travel Inc., for the "Dynamic Duo" bringing in the most pledges, to dinner at local restaurants for winning business and organization teams. There will be four different routes for all levéis of riders, young and old, experienced and novice. The routes are the Waterloo Century, (100 miles), The Chelsea Metric, (58 miles), and the City Route, (14 miles). When the riders return to the starting point, they will find virtuoso harmonica player "Madcat" Ruth performing. They will also be treated to pizza and soft drinks by Domino's Pizza-Ann Arbor Stores and the Pepsi Company. Brochures and sponsor sheets are available at City Hall, Ann Arbor Public Library branches, all local bike and sport shops, school librarles and at the Ecology Center. Community Resource Directory EnVirOïimOnt