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Ann Arbor War Tax Dissidents/U.S. Peace Tax Fund

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Community Resource Directory Pe3Ce and Disarmament 1 406 Warrington Drive Ann Aribor, Ml 481 03 General information: Mary Lou Kerwinn 662-2838 U.S. Peace Tax Fund Bill: David Basset 662-1373 War Tax Resistance: Fran Eliot 663-2655 Introduction Ann Arbor War Tax Dissidents works for passage of the U.S. Peace Tax Fund bill, (a law permitting people morally opposed to war to have the military portion of their taxes allocated to peacemaking), and provides counseling and information resources for persons conscientiously opposed to payment of war taxes. AAWTD generally meets the third Saturday of each month in the Pine Room of the Wesley Foundation, 602 East Huron, Ann Arbor. AAWTD is aff iliated with the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC), And with the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund. (NCPTF). AAWTD is of an informal nature with a diverse membership and a volunteer coördinator. AAWTD provides the community with a Speaker's Bureau, workshops, forums, information hotlines, (contact approphate number listed betow), and Taxes for Peace, (a slide show). Current News and Events The Annual Tax Day Witness will be at the Main U. S. Post Office, 2075 West Stadium Blvd. , Ann Arbor, from 8 PM to midnight, Tuesday April 15, 1986. (The main post office will be open until midnight to receive last-minute ncome tax returns.) AAWTD members will provide leaflets describing the U.S. Peace Tax Fund bill now in Congress. In addition to more details on this bill, our local group's resources will be available.No other regular meeting is scheduled for April.