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Women's International League For Peace And Freedom

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Women's International League for Peace and Freedom co Paquetta Palmer, Newsletter Editor 619 East University, A-1 AnnArbor,MI48104 llnformation: LillianZaret 663-861 4 Statement of Pur pose Since its founding n 1915, the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom has united countless women working for peace and freedom. Two of its founders, Jane Addams and Emily Greene Balch, were awarded Nobel Peace Prizesfortheirwork. WILPF has a worldwide network with sections in 26 countries on five continents and an international office in Geneva. The U.S. section alone has more than 100 branches. As an international organization with official representation in the U.N., we are committed to the United Nations as a strong force for settling disputes among nations. Throughout its unique history, WILPF has affirmed that peace and freedom are inseparable, two sides of the same coin. WILPF contin├║es to be a multi-issue, multi-racial organization emphasizing the connections between war and poverty, racism and economie exploitation, and sexism and violence. WILPF stands for the equality of all people in a world free of racism and sexism, the building of a constructive peace through world disarmament, and changing U.S. government priohties to meet human needs. Recent WILPF actions and coalition work include: August 27th March for Jobs, Peace and Freedom (to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the historie civil rights march (1983), Women's Peace Encampments (1983), Listen to Women for a Change (including the Women's Poll Project and work with the Women's Vote Project) (1983), Women's Speaking Tour on Central America (1984), Comprehensive Test Ban Campaign (1984). Meetings and Membership April 9 is the WILPF Board meeting. Send agenda items, comments, queries to Paquetta A. Palmer, at the above address. There are approximately 120 members in the Ann ArborYpsilanti Branch. The current officers are: Co├Ârdinator, Annie Blackman, Co-Coordinator, Dee Axelrod, Treasurer, Lynn Furay, Membership, Lillian Zaret, Legislation, Ruth Graves, Literature, Bev Fish, Phone Tree, Clara N'rtzberg and Betty Musgrave, Children's Books, Joan Weisman, Newsletter, Paquetta Palmer, AtLarge, Judy Duboff , State Liason, Lynn Furay. Community Services We have alot of literature available on issues that concern everyone as they struggle for peace and freedom. We have art work, T-shirts, posters, buttons and books available for moderate donations. We also have many members who can speak on o "rent issues and special topics such as U.S. poiicy in Central America, war tax resistance, and children's books on peace, disarmament and socal justice. We are very proud of having many members who have been in the struggle a long time. We consider the experience and knowledge of WILPF members, one of WILPF's greatest assets. Coming Events We will elect new officers in May and hold a joint meeting with the Detroit WILPF branch. On April 26th at 6 PM, we will hold our annual WILPF banquet in the Unitarian Church basement, 1917 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor. A delicious dinner will be served and we have arranged some special entertainment. Donations will help cover operating costs for 1 986-87. WILPF branches around the country are demonstrating, lobbying, and participating in nonviolent action and working with others to build a just and peaceful nuclear-free world. Listen to Women for a change...