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Community Resource Directory HllïigGr and POVerty World Hunger Education-Action Committee 4202 Michigan Union AnnArbor,MI48109 Information: 663-4301 In the World Hunger Education-Action Committee (WHE-AC), our work focuses on the causes of, and solutions to, woild hunger. Our objectives include educating ourselves and the campus comrnunity through reading groups, films, speakers, presentations, research, and group actions. We are dedicated to understandir.g the complex social, political, economie, and environmental torces that both créate and promote world hunger. We advocate selfdeterminism and long-term development as viable solutions. Thus, we support and work closely with Oxfam America and the Institute for Food and Development Policy. Meetings and Membership We are a small group of ten to twenty U of M students, staff, and Ann Arbor community members. Our structure is non-hierarchical. We organize ourselves to meet the needs of each specific project. We meet every Monday at 7 PM n 4202 Michigan Union. We have various resources including newsletters from Food First and Oxfam America available in our off ce. Current News In April, WHE-AC will begin working on Oxfam America's Tools for Peace and Justice in Central America campaign. We are always looking for additbnal input. If you would like to help us out, let us know. Watch for more information in next month's Agenda. We would also like to extend our thanks to all of the organizations and individuals who helped bring Francés Moore Lappe to the U of M in March. Coming Events Domestic Hunger Leam-ln: Saturday, April 5, 1 PM to 5 PM, room 126 of East Quad. Sponsored by WHE-AC in conjunction with Interfaith Council for Peace (ICP). The Learn-ln will include a film on hunger in America followed by a talk on "Demystifying the Reagan Administratton's Policy about Food and Hunger Issues". There will also be three workshops concentrating on different aspects of the problem of hunger in the United States. They are: "Making the Connections: Poverty at Home and Militarism Abroad"; "The Impact of Hunger on Women and Minorities"; and "Addressing Local Hunger Needs". The workshops will be led by community hunger activists. We will conclude the day with a discussion which will provide us with an opportunity to tie together issues raised throughout the Learn-ln. This will also be an opportunity to become familiar with the numerous community groups working to change the devastating reality facing so many millions of Americans today. We hope to see you there. On Thursday, April 10 at 8 PM in the Kuenzel Room of the Michigan Union, Ravi Khanna, Outreach Coördinator for Oxfam America, will present a slide show of Honduras and Nicaragua from the recent Oxfam study tour. A discussion will follow on the subject of U. S. policy in Nicaragua and Honduras and how t affects Oxfam America's development work there. Mr. Khanna will be available for other informal discussions from April 11 through April 13. Contact WHE-AC for more information. This event is sposored by the Seva Foundation and WHEAC.