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Washtenaw County Coalition Against Apartheid (W.C.C.A.A.)

Washtenaw County Coalition Against Apartheid (W.C.C.A.A.) image Washtenaw County Coalition Against Apartheid (W.C.C.A.A.) image
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(W.C.C.A.A.) co812HenryStreet AnnArbor, Ml 48104 Information: Kathleen Fowler 761-6246 The Washtenaw County Coalition Against Apartheid (WCCAA) is a group of both students and members of the Ann Arfoor community who are concerned about South Africa's racist system of apartheid. In general, we are opposed to the institutionalized social, politica!, and economie system in South África by which black people are denied baste human rights, ncluding the right to vote, live where they choose, and hokj employment. We exist as a group to support the struggles of South Af rican and Namibian people for the total liberation of their countries. As violent opposition to the government in South África continúes to rise, we feel our support as United States citizens to these struggles is crucial in order to nsure that our govemmenfs role promotes the democratization of South África, and that it does not to bolster the crumling apartheid system. The WCCAA works to edúcate Americans about the living conditions of the people of South África as well as to support political and economie sanctions against the government of South África. We support total divestment of the City of (Continu ed on next page) W CC AA (cont. from previous page) Ann Afbor's money (general funds, pension funds, etc.) from firms doing business in South África. The WCCAA also organizes educational events and fundraisers to support the antiapartheid movement. The HistóVy of WCCAA WCCAA was created 16 years ago. In 1977 and 1978, WCAAA worked to convince the Regents of the University of Michigam to divest money from all companies doing business in South África which did not abide by the Sullivan Principies. The Sullivan Principies are guidelines for U.S. companies in South África which try to stop discriminatory employment and wage practices. The U of M Regents agreed and they divested from two companies in 1978 that were not complying with the Sullivan Principies. From 1981 to 1983, WCAAA pressured the University to divest its stock shares from all companies doing business in South África. In response to a growing statewide divestment movement, the Michigan State Legislature in 1982 amended the State's Civil Rights Act to compel all State educational nstitutions to divest themselves from organizations doing business in South África. The legislation was sponsored by Representative Perry Bullard of Ann Arbor, and WCCAA members worked closely with him to get this law enacted. Despite overwhelming support for divestment from students, faculty, and the University community, the governing Board of Regents voted to challenge the constitutionality of the legislation.. In 1984, the Regents agreed to divest 90% of their South African holdings, but withheld divestment from the other 10% and filed suit. WCCAA is following this case very closely through member Robert F. Gillett, who is one of the attorneys that has filed an Amicus Brief in support of the State Legislature's passage of the law. We know that WCCAA has been able to influence past University divestiture actions, and we hope to continue to demand a just response from the University as well as the City and State on divestment issues. We are strongly committed to international divestment as we see this as a form of protest which the South African government cannot ignore. Meeting Times and Places Our meetings from May through August will be on the third Tuesday of every month at Quaker House unless you should see otherwise in Agenda or the Observer. Cali about April meetings. Community Services We have a Speakers Bureau, with a number of different speakers available upon request. WCCAA also publishes a newsletter with plans for on an April-May issue. Cali us if you want more nformation or wish to help. Coming Events On April 15, we will show a film about South África at Quaker House, 1416 Hill, at 7:30 PM. Unfortunately, we cannot teil you the title because, depending upon availability, it may be one of several films we have requested. Leaflets will be posted around town or you can cali WCCAA fonTweinformation