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S ffi Francisco Campbell William P. Joyce Minister Counsellor. Embassy of Nicaragua. AMOCBB General Counsel. Immigracion and Namralialion Service. Ambassador Robert White Arthur C. Helton Former U.S. Ambassador 10 El Salvador under Director, Poliücal Asylum Projecl. President Carter. Lawyers Commillce for I luman Righls. Laura Dietrich Ambassador José Sorzano dcrh) abóum secrcuryofsutt. rormcr l'.S. IX-puly Representativo lo the Buráu of I lum:m Righls and llumanilarian AlTairs. United Nalions undcr Ambassador Kirkpalrick. Pamela Goldberg 1 u iar ion Coördinator, ProyUcnUhertad, llarlingen. Texas. SPONSORS: LATIN AMERICAN SOLIDARFTY COMMITTEE. LAW SCHOOL STUDENT SENATE. MICHIGAN STUDENT ASSEMBLY, MINOR ITY STUDENT SERVICES, OFRCE OF ETHICS AND RELIGIÓN. OFFICE OF T1IE PRESIDENT. ASSOCIATE DEAN OF THE LAW SCHOOL, ANDTROTTER HOUSE