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■ , mad elf lúFPibsML Nq 1T7 ?th av? ClíMVlil vi ann arbor, mi. 1 fcmlFM % 6627511 i [_ - 'i YOU ARE INVITED TO A WINE AND CHEESE RECEPTION FHOH to CELÉBRATE THE PUBLICATION OF ÜNIFt 1ATHW FROM UNIFICATION TO Tv Reinterpreting the Germán Past FROM 4 To'6 P.M. REINTERPRETING THE GERMÁN WST i GEOFFELEY "Eley ís onc o (he most interesting, trenchant and controversial historians of Germany. " Paul Kennedy, Yale University "Eley i's perhaps the most original and exciting historian working in the field of late nineteenth and early twentieth century Germán history at this moment. " Richard J. Evans, University of East Anglia Shaman Drum Bookshop has Providing a coherent and challenging been n busnes$ since 1981 and interpretation or the Germán past, thr . ,. . . collection of essays will have a major speciahzes ín scholarly and acaimpact on the perceptions of nineteenth demic books n the humanities. and twentieth century Germán history - - - and will revise traditional thinking on Ac -- Germany's differences with "the West" SftS-1 "C and the origins of Nazism. rY t 5 i 313 SOUTH STATE STREET V!M-. rv V ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 48104 jC_-X