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Academic Word Processing, page 11

Adrian's T-Shirts, page 12

Animal Crackers Pet Sitting, page 9

Arbor Springs Water Co., page 17

Borders Book Shop, page 11

Coalition for Peace in Central America, page 12

Dawn Treader Book Shop, page 15

Dayringer Bakery, page 5

Earth Wisdom Music, page 5

Elmo's Supershirts, page 17

Evening Star Futons, page 20

Mad Elf T-Shirts, page 11

Matthaei Botanical Gardens, page 12

Mona Walz - Realtor

The Palm Tree, page 17

Performance Network, page 11

Red Hot Lovers, page 19

SANE, page 20

Say Cheese Cheesecakes, page 9

Vicki's Wash and Wear Haircuts, page 20

Vintage to Vogue, page 5

West Side Book Shop, page 9