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We're all in this together Agenda started with the dea that the grassroots community organizations in this área are so numerous and so important, that they require their own forum, one devoted specifically to their activities and concerns. Agenda is more than a newspaper. It is the people and the groups to which it lends a voice. Agenda provides a vehicle for the changes which are needed in community, our society and ourworld. Support of Agenda through a donation or subscription is important to the newspaper's future success. After all, a Please send check to , P.O. BOX 3624, ANN ARBOR, MI 48106 Order back issues! rjpPjfWTiyTJWIWB One of the unique things Agenda does is record, transcribe, and H%p 1 f Kjl wj f I WfJI & JL 1 Í0 I I wM print speeches. If you missed Adolfo Pérez Esquivel's brilliant BwMdd- ■■■- dÉfchaMMww- MM- M__pl WMJJil- A-Skiiiik and poetic talk on liberation theology or Sharron Singleton's inspiring words on women and politics (May issue), among many ---------------- ---m- ------ ■■■■■■- -biiihiiiii-í other great speeches, here's your chance to read them in their o ■ mpninr entirety Ï55! SUBSCRIBE D April '86 "Liberation Theology," D 5 Issues for $5 Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, adoress D 1 Year for $10 1 980 Nobel Peace Prize Lauréate. □ May -86 "Food, Politics and Hunger," aTY STATE ap DÓNATE Francés Moore Lappé, Co-founder of - 'wmj-l l i_ the Instituto for Food & Development BONUS: If you subscribe for one year, we will □ and author of Piet for a Small Planet. send 3 f ree copies Of AGENDA to the person amount " ofyourchoice(U..S. only). Cuban and Nicaraguan pAi ADnCD Women," Margaret Randall, DMOI. VJrlUCin feminist, poet and writer. ñame O April '86 D June '86 "The Press and Central O May '86 America," AlexanderCockburn, adoress O June '86 columnist for The Nation. In Thgsg _____ at $2 per copy Times, and The Wall Street Journal. aTY STATE zip number


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