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Chernobyl Fallout

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If you ever have a bit of time and space for it, please get down on nuclear reactors. I'm fed up. All we need is a couple more accidentó in Europe and we all won't reach the age of 40. Vienna has between four and ten times the normal radiation and it seems (what else is new?) that officials are understating the problem. In Vienna, it's mostly the air that's contaminated since luckily it hasn't rained much since the disaster. In Luxembourg the air is halfway clean, but the soil is contaminated (much rain). Tm trying to decide whether Luxembourg wouldn't be a bit healthier than Vienna and I'm somewhat depressed. Besides, I haven't eaten any veggies for two weeks and the situation is getting ridiculous. I mean, heil, so now the veggies that were rained on aren't edible and in a couple of months it'll be the stuff that's growing in contaminated soil. Eat rice? Please, put your foot down on nukes wherever you can, because else we won't live to see the fruits of your other political struggles. LUXEMBOURG, MAY 9, 1986


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