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The ímpetus for this letter was the realization that under the Reagan Administration major constructive topics which we ought to be thinking and talking about get crowded out of the picture altogether. Officials place so much emphasis on what is viewed as being critical at the moment that it becomes implied that the public need be concerned with nothing more. And those who would earnestly wish to move forward in the world scène tend to have their energies dissipated in continuous struggles against the worst of what the President wants to do. In an earlier period when it defïnitely could not be said that "The world is our oyster, let us crack it," the forward-looking steps were being taken and the United States became a great nation. In those days it was central to most people that we had to build for the future. Today it is equally true that we have to build for the future-except that what we have to "build' now is so different from what was needed before that there is no clear view. What now is needed requires intensive studies, great efforts and public participation and discussion, and finally the following of paths which have not been trod before. We do not go very far in examining the type of projects which are required before it is seen that our efforts must begin with the concept of one world. This is equally true even if we have narrow ideas of human welfare and desire principally to seek the welfare for our own citizens. The idea is not at all new, that for the United States to prosper peoples throughout the world must in considerable measure see some signs that conditions are improving for them. Letters ntended for publicatíon should be sent to: Letters, Agenda. P.O. Box 3624, Ann Arbor, MI, 48106. Agenda reserves the right to edit, condense, or reject any letter. Please include telephone number and address (which w II not be published).


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