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General Electric Boycott Announced

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ANN ARBOR- On June 12, a nationally organized campaign to boycott General Electric was officially kicked-off on the local level with an informative and entertaining skit in front of the Federal Building in downtown Ann Arbor. Drawing a crowd of about 25 passersby, several local grassroots organizations staged the event to cali attention to the GE boycott initiated by INFACT, the Boston based group that organized the successful Nestle's boycott in the United States. Why General Electric? Because its nuclear weapons work and large-scale lobbying for the nuclear weapons industry make it not only the third largest nuclear weapons manufacurer, but also one of the most active of the lobbyists who help determine what weapons will be made and how much money will be spent on them. General Electric is a critical hub of the nuclear weapons industry. It makes parts to more nuclear weapons systems than any other company, including all of the "new generation" of first-strike weapons such as the MX missile, the Trident submarine and missile, and the B-l Bomber. GE also makes the neutron generator (the trigger), for the nuclear bomb at its DOE plant in Pinellas, Florida. Furthermore, GE is deeply involved in the competition for Star Wars contracts - an unlimited "deep pocket" for profitability in years to come. GE has played a pivotal role in developing nuclear policy since its early involvement in the Manhatten Project. It is - - also the seventh largest corporate PAC contributor, with a staff of 120 lobbyists in Washington. The boycott calis on General Electric to take the lead in exercising moral and corporate responsibility within the weapons industry and challenges GE and the nuclear weapons industry to: - Cease production of nuclear weapons. - Stop intefering in government decisión making on issues of war and peace. - Stop all direct marketing and promotion of nuclear weapons. - Implement conversión plans developed in consultation with employees, employee representatives, and affected communities. In Ann Arbor, six groups have already endorscd the boycott: Michigan Alliance for 111 '■■" mmKm Disaimament (MAD), SANE, New Jewish Agenda, Democratie Socialists of America (DSA), the Grey Panthers, United Campuses Against Nuclear War (UCAM), and Campuses Against Weapons in Space (CAWS). Currently the boycott organizing committee meets on Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm in the MSA office, third floor, Michigan Union. For more information contact MAD, 410 W. Washington, Ann Arbor, MI 48103, 995-0183.


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