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FULL DISCLOSURE is an alternaüve newspaper that presents information contrary to the establishment viewpoints (right or left wing). FULL DISCLOSURE presents controversy and encourages critica! thinking and critical inquiry. FULL DISCLOSURE editor. Lynn Johnston. is the author of Who's Afraid of the IRS? and writes a monthly column. The GAP (Government Against People) Commentaries. Each issue of FULL DISCLOSURE also includes a compelling article on privacy by P. Remington Adams, and Pólice Round Up, a summary of public officials arrested each month. The following are brief excerpts from some articles published in FULL DISCLOSURE: Inventory of CIA Toxlc Drugs: "...The 1 1.405gr of the Shell Fish Toxin is sufficient to kill 14.000 humans if administered orally. or several hundred thousand if administered by darts shot into the human hcart. Approximately 6 grams of the toxin was produced by the United States Public Heath Service in Naragansett, RI..." Ex-CIA Official Speaks Out: "...a joint operation between the CIA and the KGB... this is one of the most fantastic cases... in intelligence history." The GAP Commentaries: "...How much secrecy is necessary in a free society; that is, in a society in which the people control the government instead of the government controlling the people?. ..The techniques of information suppress and distortion are frequently perpetrated in the name of national security..." Post Office Launches Assaull on Privacy: "...Shortly thereafter he was approached by the FBI. They asked him how he could 'morally' provide privacy to some of his customers who were probably radicáis andor 'tax protestors'... He discovered that the USPS, FBI, BATF and IRS has accumulated over 200 files on him, and they wouldn't give him any of them." NSA Newsletter: " reprinted an uncensored copy of the May 198S National Security Agency Newsletter. According to the newsletter, it contains information 'which is not available to the general public, it also requested that ■newsletter copies received in the mail or taken from Agency buildings should be given special care and destroyed as soon as th4y have been read.'..." Pólice Use Excessive Forcé: "...Policemen unnecessarily become 'apes' with an excess of muscle power and a real shortage of grey stuff undernealh the skull..." CIA Orderedto Pay Legal Cosls: "...The Central Intelligence Agency and William Casey, CIA Director, were ordered to pay Glen Roberts [Full Disclosure Publisher], $656.28 for costs and attorney fees in a lawsuit brought against the agency and Mr. Casey on June 30, 1983..." DOJ Information Suppression: "...At the direction of Attorney General William French Smith and the Deputy Attorney General, Theodore Olson (office of Legal Counsel) gave false and misleading testimony to at a Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on March 10. 1983..." FBI Polillcal Harassmenl: "...the following discussion of my exercise of First Amendment rights between two [FBI] agents transpired:'You see that guy in a tan coat that just walked by?' 'Yeah.' 'He publishes the newspaper on pólice surveillance.' 'Oh. So you can go introduce yourself.' 'He is walking around with earphones on.' ... 'I think I see G.R. [Glen Roberts]" 'Repeat' 'Remember you showed me the article about him, he is walking South on the T street [Thayer], looking all around.'..." Power, Ihe FBI, Pólice and Dignily: "...Pólice officials do not treat the power given to them by the citizens of the United States whom they are paid to serve with respect.." The GAP Commenlaries: "...what the Department oí Justice and IRS find intolerable is First Amendment activities critical of government operations and policy..." The Bulgarian Conlribulion to LimHing the Illicit Traffic in Narcolics: "...The DEA has yet not given us a single piece of practical Information which would help us in catchtng drug smugglers..." The FBI Oul of Control: "...The Appeals court al=,o stated that the government did not 'seriously challenge the fact of intentional deception, but disagrees that the deception called íor suppression' of evidence. Although it is apparent that the affidavit was willfully falsified, FBI Special Agent Lumpkins has not been prosecuted for purjury..." The Telephone As A Room Bug: "...Both of the methods tested by Full Disclosure could be installed in a telephone by a knowledgeable person in severa! minutes at most..." The COP's Naughty Newsleller: "...Assistent Chief Click told a reporter: 'We're not saying he can't write those things; we're saying he can't do that and be a pólice officer.'..." The Case of Curtis Clark: "...Officers have no right to make an arrest when they viólate the law to be present at the commission of a crime..." Reagan Censorship: "... In 1983, the last year for which statistics are available, Pentagon censors reviewed 10,088 books and articles beiore publication, up dramatically from 6,457 in 1982, and 2,784 in 1981..." First Amendment Update: "...The U.S. Supreme Court let stand a California court's ruling that profanities yelled at a pólice officer during a crime investigaron constitute speech protected by the First Amendment..." Computer Signal Inlerccplion: "...There have been reports that Polish Government intelligence agents have used this technique to collect sensitive computer data in West Germany. And there have been persistent reports for years that NSA has done such monitoring involving commercial business sites as well as ones with military intelligence interest.." The Right lo Privacy vs. Big Brolher: "...not only must one know one's rights and how to delend them, but one must also object to any violation or attempted violation of them in a timely manner..." The Quesiion ol Oriver's Licenses: "...The Appellate Court has yet to resolve the issue of how the Secretary of State could revoke an expired state license..." Belize: Pólice in a Democratie Society: "...the most eífective remedy for improving pólice and public relations is to bring about a change in the pólice attitude towards the public..." FBI Agent Tríes lo KMI Daughler's Boyfriend: "...Mr. Poplinger's decisión to kill his daughter's boyfriend, instead of seeking a court order to prevent him from telephoning. is the same sort of practical or procedural decisión an FBI Agent might have to make under any number of equally irritating or distressing circumstances. The public's interest in a high standard for employment wilh the FBI has been compromised by the handling of this attempted murder charge..." MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Subscribe to FULL DISCLOSURE today, and if you're not satisfied. you can cancel at any time and recave a refund for all unmailed issues. Picase mail Iliis 11.. risk order coupon now! LU 1 year (twelve issues) only $15.00 (a $3 savings). Li 2 years (twenty-four issues) only $24.95 (a $16 savings with coupon). I - I I'm paying by Fustal Money Order, please send me two extra issues at no additional cost. D Bill me Name: Address: ___ CityState Zip: (please print) Clip this order form and mail with payment to: Full Disclosure, Box 8275-AG1, AnnArbor, Ml 48107 Please allow 4-6 weeks lor delivery of first issue. FREE OFFER! Subscribe to FULL DISCLOSURE lor two years and receive FREE a copy of the Cilizens Guide on IIow lo Use llie Freedoin oí Information and Privacy Acts. This guide clearly details how you can find out what files the government is keeping on you and how you can request copies of such files. It also explains how you can request copies of files on other government activities. A comprehensive directory of federal agencies is included. The information age is here, don't get left behind. The FOfA guide has a retail valué of $4.95 COUPON COUPON COUPON To receive your free Cilizens Guide, this coupon must be filled out and returned with your 2 year paid subscription. Coupon not valid in conjunction with any other offer from FULL DISCLOSURE and expires en September 30, 1986. Limit one coupon per subscription. The Guide ís yours to keep even if you cancel your subscription. Name: Address: CityState Zip: (This is the mailing label, print clearly!) COUPON COUPON COUPON


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