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La Ventana

Tenías dos pechos igual que yo

Y el pelo largo igual que yo

Y la boca pintada como yo la queria

Y usabas falda igual que yo

De tela floreada igual que yo

Y llevabas sandalias como yo

Y te arrastraban dos policías

Y dabas gritos en mitad de la calle

Y llevabas de rastras las sandalias

Y te sangraban los pies

Y desde adentro me llamó mi abuela

Y vino

Y cerró la ventana

Y me arrastró del pelo

Hasta lo más oscuro de la sala.


The Window

You had two breasts like me

and long hair just like me

and you had your mouth painted like I wanted mine

and you wore a dress just like mine

with a flower print on it like mine

and you wore sandals like me

and two policemen were dragging you

and you were screaming in the middle of the street

and you had your sandals half-off

and they were bloodying your feet

and my grandmother called from inside

and came

and closed the window

and dragged me by the hair

into the darkest part of the room.


Virginia Grutter

Translated by Matthew Kopka


When Everything Hurts Deep Inside You

When everything hurts deep inside you

and alone, face to face with your image

you find it distorted by unsuspected mirrors;

when all things live dark in your shadow,

when your voice sounds like somebody else's

and your blood's rhythm flees from your body;

when you can perceive nothing more than dead surfaces


like a salmon

leap back into the current

with all of the fury of your anger.

Do not lose hope

the water will wear down the stones.


Cuando Todo Hiere en lo Hondo

Cuando todo hiere en lo hondo

y solo, frente a tu imagen,

la encuentras deformada por espejos ignorados;

cuando las cosas viven ante tu sombra,

curando tu palabra te parece ajena

y el ritmo de tu sangre huye de tu cuerpo;

cuando tus manos te son lejanas

y no reconoces las huellas de tus pies;

cuando casi olvidas el rostro que se acerca;

cuando no percibes más que superficies muertas;


como el salmón

remonta la corriente

con toda la furia de tu ira.

No desesperes

el agua romperá las piedras.


Michele Najlis

Translated by Matthew Kopka


Photos by Gregory Fox

1 .The car ambushed by contras just outside Comalapa–5 of 7 riders were killed, 2 severely wounded

2. Funeral of Alfonzo Nuñez–Comalapa

3. Wake for Juana Duarte, age 65. She was on her way to Juigalpa to visit her 21 year old son.

4. Mass funeral–Comalapa

5. Daughter and mother of contra victim Alfredo Miranda–Comalapa

6. One of two survivors of the Comalapa contra attack, Norman Eli Duarte Talens, age 31, with his wife. He is seriously injured and may not live–in Juigalga Hospital.


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