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Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty: Anti-slavery Meet...

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Piirsuant to previous noticc, a considerable number of the ciüzens. otCass county, Michigan; met at Charles Osburns dwelling at the South Enst corner ot Youngs Prairie on 7th day, the 29th of 4th nionth, 1843. G. L. Poor was called to the chair. and Richard fchugart was chosen secretary for the day. The fullowing preamble and rc9oludons wereadopted.Whercas, the Most High hath made of one blood all the nations of men for to dweil on all the face of the earth, and hath commanded them to love their neighbors as they love themselves: And whereas, we believe Slaveholding to be a sin against God; a violation of the principies of of natural justice and of the Christian Religión: And whercas, we believe 8lavery, as it now exists in these United States ia one of the greatest obstaclea in the way of t!ie coming of' the kingdom of Heaven and the universal prevalence of the Spirit of the Gospel in ihe hearis of men, and ihe cause of ihe present embarrassments ol our finances:And whereas, we believe that our Xlcavenly Father withholds nothing from those Uio deslre to serve him whicli is needful fur the subjection of the world to thegoveniment of His will. Am thnt as bis servants, it is incumbent upon us to manifest by our works. that wc are soldiers of the cross, warring witli principalities, and powere and epiritual wickedness in high places, wii thoae weapons which are mighty through Godt the pullrng down 01 streng holcJs: And whereas the people of the free states indi rectly support the system of slavery by connivin at its existence, by the puichase and use of itaproducís, and by giving aid and countenance t inslitutions which fasten an unholy prcjadic against the colored man by denying to him hi right to liberty only on terms of Colonizaron wliile many at the south are endeavoring t defend it as a divine institution. And seeing that in a nation whcre the sovereign ty re vested with the people. public seminen being the supremo law of the land, national evil can cxist on y bv the will ofthe people. and be licving there is a power and potency in the trui when spoken in love which wiih an intelligent puopie wiil prove a sure correciivc of pubüc .slii-. timen t : Tlierelorc wc helieve it to be a du;y which we owc to our country and lo God, to do all that is lawiullyj in c.ur pover to biing tibi-ut the peaceful and entire extinctionof slavery in this and other lands. And in reüanee upon divine aid we do hereby fonn ourseíves inlo an association for the accoüipüshnient of the above-narned objects and agree to be governed by the following constitution. Art. I. This Assoc iation shall be called Youngs Prairie Ant: Slavery Arsociation which shall be auxiliary to the Biate Anti-Slavery Societv.Art. II. The object of this association shall be lo promote the great objïcts of the American anti siavery society in the state of Michigan, by the disïemmination of knowledge respecting the evils of siavery and the duty and saiety of immediate emancipation, so that the voice of the state may be heard from her Represeutalives, from ilie people and the press, proclaiming the inalienable rights of all men, without respect of color to lile, liberty and tho pursuit ot happiness. Art. I1Í. The means which this association shall employ lo effect its objects are a dissemminationoflight and knowiedge on tlie subjects 6e: forth in the second article; by means of speech, the press nF.d iliè circulation of anti siavery publications, addressing arguments to the understanding and conscience, showing that siavery is a hei nous crime in the sight of God; and that the duty. safety and best interest of all concerned requires is immcJiate Abolition without colonization.Art. IV. This nssociation shall aim to eJevate the diameter and cundition óf the pcople of co!or, by encournging their intelleciiwl, mura! and religieus inip.ovemènt nnd by endeavoring io remove the prejudice that ha Kont the free man of color from n partieipation in tlie rights of and privileges of citizens; but we will nover countenance the oppre3seJ in vindicaling their rig-his by a resort to physical (orce. [The reriiaiiiingarticlesrefer to olïicers &c.] Tlie Ibllowing persons were appointed officers for said nssociation. L. H. POOR, President. Wkixs Ckhmb, Vice President, Parker Osburn, Secretary, Zachariah Sliunrt, Cor. Secretary. DiKZcroRS. Stephen Bogue, Josinh Osburn, JefTerson Jnckson, Wm. H. Jones, fElijuh Jackson. The follcwing rèsolutfona wcre adopted. Resolved. Tiiat we will discourage the purchase and uae of artides produced by the unpaid labor oí the cnsluvcd and devise incasures wherebymay be furnished with necessary mieles which are the producís of free labor. Resolved, Thai prejudice ngainst any portion of the human family on occount of their condition, or the color of their skin, is rebellion against God., who has created, inhis likenesa, all the tribes of men ond while vre rebuke the sin. of holding men as challéis, we are equally bound lo war against prejudiee or man-hatred, and to treat our colored brethren with common civility and kindness. Resolved, that in the prosecution of our work we rely solely upon the divine blessing, upon our effons ior success, and that to eecure that blessing, weareonly to inqnire what ís duty. and having found the path, to go forward, leaving all the consequences to the direction of Him who rules the hearts of men.itcsuiveü, itiatitis our belief that if thosa who cndeavor to support slaveiy by scripture ar gumenta were placed in ihe siluation of the slavo tor the term of twelve inonihs, at the expiración of tha'. term they would read them theother way. Resolved, That as thereisa want of correct mformation on the aubject of human rights in ihia place, we therelore, recommend the establishing of an anti-slavery library for gratuitous circulation.Then concluded to meet again the 27th of 5th month, 18-13. The association met at the time agreedupcm, and eleven more becanie memera. The whole number forty. Ishmaul Lee, ilijah Osburn, Hannah Osburn, Anna Jackson, usannab. Shugart. Hannnh Bogue, nad Ilichïon Marmon were appoinied an executive comi;tee. Wm. H. Jones, Stephen Bogue, Z. Shugart, Wells Crumb. Eliph Obburn. G. L. Poor, Elisan Osburn, E. Lambert, Richmon Marmon, ilijah Jackson and Ishrnael Lee, were appointed dclegates to altend the Liberty Conveniion lo be held at Kalamazoo the 22 and 23 of 6th month ncxi in order to nomínate candidates. Resolved, That the proceedings ofthis associaiion be published n the Signal of Liberty and


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