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The last arrival brings a confirmalion of the preparations for civil war in Ireland. We cut the following summary from an cxchange: Ireland absorbs, at tiic present moment, the exclusive atiention of the British Ministry and the British people. The Repeal movement continúes to make the most gigantic strides, the whole country is in a fearful state ef excitemen!, and Mr. O'Connell after visitingCork ond various parts of Ireland, lias returnec to Dublin. During his sojurn in the provinces, hundreds of thonsands ofhis countrymen congregated at hts beek, and his progress re sembled a continuous ovation from his outse until lus return.lie nddrcssed thein, on every occasion, in he most inflammatory strain, condemnatory oftlie Britisli cunnexion, while lie poured out tíie most unmeasured vituperation and ridicule aguinst Sir Robert Pee!, tlie Duke of Wellington, and Lord Brougham. The gteat bulk of the Cathollc clergy have throvvn themselvea head-long into the movement, the rent comes pouring in by thousandd of pounds per week, and al) classes seem to regard a crisis at hand. If he now falter ín himself', iarewell, a long farewel! to all his gre.itness,' while a cömitiuance in his present poücy must inevitabiy bring him into collision with the Government, and precipítate a convulsión. Tliereis no rnidíUe coursc. Troops are daily pouring into l!ie country, Government steamers are constuinlyleiiijagcd between the tower of Londen and the house, Dublin, íh carrying and lnndin arms, the Castle in the lattercity is bein placed in a state of detence, nul every tliihg i-hows that the Government Emticipntcs nu immcdiate ouibreak.Scotland, too, hnsá been the scène of a re]iious movemcül, tiic most important in its consequences, the most extended in its ramiücations, which has taken place since the timo of the Reformation. Nearly 5UO ministers the hearls-blood of the Chnrch, embracing all tlint are most dislinguislied for l.-irning :alont, and piety - have scceded from the K,;!c, ;.mi1 thrówn themselvcs uponflie volun iary principie, rather ilián submit to an ínter ference h matters of discipline with the civilpower. Some Cat:iolic Bishops are about to prcpnrea prarer fortho safety of Daniel O'Cohnell. The Trnops stniioned in Ireland, will amount, in June, lo 25,000 men. The lato Irisli papers coma;i an account of a melee betwee a party of Orangemen and a body of Bepeolers, at Dungannon, on the SOth of May, A liouse was razed, and many persons- beaien, bat no lives lo?t . All the Irisli forts, cnst!e3 anü baülemenls have been inspected ly a government engineer, and oidered to be repaired and placed in a state of perfect utility. Indeed, the preparations of government are stich as wonld indícate Uiat a civil war is not far distant.


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