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In paperback now at Borders To Be a Christian is to be a Fairness and Justice: Ftevolutionary: Law in the Service of Equality the Autobiography of by Charles M. Haar & Daniel Wm. Fessier Father James Guadalupe Carney . To Win a Nuclear War: Academie Women: the Pentagon.s SeCret War Plans Workmg towards Equality b Mjchio Kaku & Danie Axerod by Angela Simeone Radical Phiiosophy Women and Children Last: by Agnes Heller the Pll9ht of Poor Women in ■M Affluent America Q$(fcfc RUth Side' w ifSïTmm state of the World 1987: yT St Worldwatch Institute Report on Progress fflÈÉÊmsi 11 1 1 11 Toward aSustainable Society iiPU"lTTB byLesteraBrnetal I llP? M ïï Rating America's Corporate E nUJ Conscience I I K by Steven Lydenberg et al B;StatStrgppArbor(313)668-7652.