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Elect The Democratic Team April 6

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Re-Elect Mayor Ed Pierce


"I am proud of what we have done during the last two years. If re-elected, we will continue to be a city government that puts people first. We will continue to be fiscally prudent. We will try our best to treat all our citizens fairly."


Ann Marie Coleman

First Ward

  • Campus Minister, Guild House
  • Experienced in working with individuals and groups in solving problems

"I believe City Government should respond to the needs of all citizens. One of my priorities in making sure Ann Arbor is a diverse and humane community–a place where people have access to housing, human services, and community controlled economic development."


Mary Reilly

Second Ward

  • Owner of own business, Marblehead Handprints
  • Member of the Downtown Development Authority
  • Member of Kerrytown Council

"I will set priorities for city development and tax expenditures through citizen participation. I will also encourage moderate income housing and parking downtown for continued downtown vitality."


Jeff Epton

Third Ward

  • Planning and Development: A need for balance and vision
  • The City Budget: Skilled work has paid dividends
  • Affirmative Action: The city should lead

"With a Democratic majority, it has been possible to set responsible and compassionate objectives for city government. Much remains to be done. Your support will allow me to continue the work I have begun."


Rich Layman

Fourth Ward

  • Program Developer, works with students at U-M
  • Citizen involvement in development and planning: A priority

"I pledge my support for tenants' rights, streets in which we can walk safely, and parking adequate to meet the needs of neighborhood residents. The UM must meet its responsibility to provide housing for the needs it generates."


Kathy Edgren

Fifth Ward

"Always a master at handling constituent concerns, Edgren has recently emerged as an effective legislator as well as playing leading roles in Council initiatives on city childcare, public housing, domestic violence, and pay equity." - Ann Arbor Observer

"Edgren is a toiler who raises constituent services to an art form and who has shown a laudable attention to detail." - Ann Arbor News



Say YES to Affordable Housing! Vote YES on Proposal B.


There is a serious shortage of affordable housing in Ann Arbor. A three or four bedroom apartment costs between $700 and $1000–sometimes more. Proposal B creates and funds a Housing Trust Fund to help create new affordable housing and preserve existing housing opportunities.


Paid for by Democratic Party PAC - 640 Center, Ann Arbor, MI - John Marriott, Treasurer