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Elect The Democratic Team April 6

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Re-Elect Mayor Ed Pierce IVJQMBkIH I "I am proud ofwhat we have done during the last twoyears. If re-elected, we will mmjjKm continue to be a city government that puts fc m people first. We will continue to be fiscally mlH prudent. We will try our best to treat all flHk A.our citizens fairly." Ww i Ann Marie Coleman I -- t . Rfch Layman First Ward A k JSSK Fourth Ward Campus Minister, Guild House Jm Program Developer, works with Experienced in working with individuals j FHJT f "Qff students at U-M and groups in solving problems mit' Sj % Citizen involvement in development "I believe City Government should respond to the lL and planning: A priority needs of all citizens. One of my priorities in k k J WÉ "I pledge my support for tenants' rights, streets in making sure Ann Arbor is a diverse and humane m M H which we can walk safely, and parking adequate community-a place where people have accessto K ■ jlfcta to meet the needs of neighborhood residents. The housmg, human services, and community con& Í Aa UM must meet its responsibility to provide trolled economie development. " W housing for the needs it generates. " Mary Reilly I Kathy Edgren Second Ward Tk Fifth Ward Owner of own business, Marblehead IL 1 "Always a master at handling constituent conHandprints B ■ cerns, Edgren has recently emerged asan e ffec Member of the Downtown Development & tive legislator as well as playing leading roles in Authority iNlErSflMl ■fc" Ê Council initiatives on city childcare, public Member of Kerrytown Council ■ HÉHH housing, domestic violence, and pay equity. " "I will set priorities for city development and tax jÜ P" ■ -Ann Arbor Observer expenditures through citizen participation. I will W s M "Edgren is a toiler who raises constituent services also encourage moderate income housing and Wi $ M jfl to an art form and who has shown a laudable parking downtown for continued downtown - j - JKB HHHE JHHH attention to detail. "-Ann Arbor News vitality. " Jef f Epton I 1 ZL mmmmm ''IIIM'"'II'"M"MM"IIM ThirdWard 0k TO Planning and Development: A need for Wm- ËFmfïfcmM TaTfi balance and visión V " r JgjjgJjJJLJjA% The City Budget: Skilied work has paid Á ÊL dividends M Bv There is a serious shortage of affordable housing in Affirmative Action: The city should lead JW [ Étt Ann A three or four bedroom apartment costs "With a Democratie majority, it has been possiMÉK'V I between $700 and $ 1000- sometimes more. Proposal B ble toset responsible and compassionate objeccreates and funds a Housing Trust Fund to help créate EZZZT ffUCh rTim t0 be , f . I new affordable housing and preserve existing housing upport will allow me to continue the m ,,:í, o f 6 6 begun." opportunities.