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CURIOSJT YS A Tailor jc'w rcill noi tiolatc his Promise. THE Subscnber would inform the Chizens o( Ann Arbor and vicinhy. that he has com: nienced the Tailoring Business, in the Lower Town, Shop over Harris, Pirr ridges & Co's. store. From past expènéncé he feefs csnfident that he can give satisfnctiün. Try Him. SPRAGUE. N. B. Cutting done to order. Ann Arbor. June Id43. 9- 2in. S. PETTIBOrSE, SURVEYOR, MAP MAKER, AiSD LAND AGENT. Oflice in Court House Square, Ann Arbor. June 19, 1843. 8-if.tarxff OR no TABirr. GOODS ARE CHE4P AT QhRLÁNDS. JUST reccived at the Farmers and Mecbatrieé Store, direct from Ne' York, a ganernl assortment of clioice aoJ select GOODb, consistingof all most eve.y articïe wnnted, such as Sheetin?s Sliirtings, Broad Cloths, Cassimcre,' Calicóes, Drillings, Gambroone, Linens, Urnbrellas, Ribbons, Oravais. Mous. de Lains. Silks, Shawls. Bonneis, ilais, Sugar, Tea anti Coflee, Crockery. Boots and Shoes. Looking Glasses, &c. &c. AU of vvliich wil] be sold cheap as the cheapGoodspurchasers will keep in tnind the FarmersandMechanÍCsStOrec. J. GARLAND, N. B. Any goodspurchaoed of him not giving sutisfaction in price aud quulity can be returncd. ■ '. Aun Arbor. (lTpcr Town) hmo VI. W ilE. DEAN'S CELEBRATED CHEMICAL PLASTEN THE iüllowing is one froin among the numerou8 testimoniéis from persons of ihe highest respectability , which the proprictors havereceived. Frotn the Hon. Senbury Ford, Member of the Senaie of Oliio. Mkssrs. Harris & Co.- Having uscd two boxes of "E. Dean'e Chemical Piaster" in my family, I find it a most excellent and invaluablcr remedy for the purposes for which it is recommended, and in my opinión excels any with which f am acquainted. I have no hesitatron in recommending said Piaster to the favorable notice of ihe public. SEABURY FORD. Burtori, GeaugaCo., O. Nov. 25, '41. 9 EPFor the disenees in which tbis Piaster is applicable, see advertiEerhent in anóthér column of this paper. . ., ( E. Dean8 Chemical Piaster is for eale in Aan Arbor, (Lover Tnwn,) by J. H. LUND, and W S. & J. W. MAYNAP..D, ? Upper CHRISTIAN EBERÜACH, $ Town 49-lyAttention, Invalids WHO has tried the PissÍAS Pilis and Jo'.r Daviís er Hkbrew Plaster, and ia not ready to testify that they are decidedly the best medicines now in use? The above medicines have been before :he public some four years, and physicians at. the East have used thom éxteñaively in their practico, and were they here. tliey could teil you of the excellent qualities of thtse medi-_ eines. Reader! Have you ever used them? you have not, ask those who have if they are not what we recominénd ihem to be. They are the Ckeiipzst as wel'l as the best. A box of plrster contains suñicient to spread 8 or 10 piasters- price 50 cents. The large Boxös of Pim.s coniain 73 pilla foí 63 cents: t!ïe ámall borres 35 pi.l for 31 cents; No persons' siiould condemn them until they have tried them. and then we are suro they will not. These medicines are for sale by one or more agents in all villages and ei lies i the United States. Cali on the agent, and he will five any inlormation wanted.For sale by J. H. Lurtd, S. P. & J. C. Jcweit. C. Eberbach, Añn Arbor; D. M. Ladd, M.ilford: M. C. Bakin, Novi; D. 11. llowland, Norihville; J. Scatteraood, Plymóut'.i; P. Vannvery. Frañklm; 3. Dean, Pontia:: J. Millerd, &. Son.Dextér; Dr. Sager. Jackcon. 10-6m. DR. HALSTED'SBB.XSK PILIaSe 2ö FlLLS KOR 23 Cü.NTS. THE Brisk Pilis answcr the purpose more eflcctually lor any disease for which any other pill ia reeommended, and superse;!e them oltogether in medical excellence and virme. lf you doubt ihvs. j'ust t-y wilt cost you onlytwa sliiüings- and Uien you. wiih me, vill be satisfieJ. lftheyare not what I recommend hen 10 be. denounce them and put them down. for I cannot conscientiously recommend them tor a cure all lor every thing. But this I do say,mt fear of contradiction. that no pills are their qaal in removing discnses originanngin the jtoniach Ui bü-.Vels: Far tiver and bilious dia=ases, such as dura agao, lever and ague. intermutant and remiitnni fevers', thé Brisk Pilla . sess peculiar properties for their speedy removal. From ten yenrs experience as a practising phystcian. I amconvinccd ihat none can equal them. - Read what o'ther filis are good for. and whatthey will cure, and if the Biisk are nnt superior t ihem all, th'en discnrd their use. Do not believeall that ís caid abou; an infailible rül - that never faüs ío cure any disease - but try the Brisk Pills the cheapcst pills in use- 28 pills lor 25 cents and then you will have a chance to j idge of thesr inerit órdemerit. As a blood cleauser. oná apurifier to the diseasedsystcm. they perhapa supcrsede every pill in use. They are quick ond easy in the óperation. giving Jifü ond tone to all the torpid organs; ihrowing off impurü mattera or hutncrs; leaving the system healthy nnd clein. This is all that any one meJicii.e can do.n.otw, hstanding the great show cf worr's and t'. c itious eer tificat'3 We are detennincd to let, b's:oil!s stand upon their own reputation, win or loose. ■ All we ask is, for a fair and impaniaí tfa'. They can bc taken by old and young. at any time with perfeet safety. They are an excellent medicine for children. for worms, &c. In a. word, they possess all the qualities of an aperient pill for family use. They have cured many Ji3ea8es which no other medecine could remove. In conclusión I suy. do no? give np or despair of a cure until you 'have tited the Brisk Pillis for they do poasess peculiar properties and virlue?. For &aie by S. P. & J. G. Jewett. C, Eberbach. Arn Arbor; D. H. Rowlanrl, Nort'mlle; J. S. Scatiergocd, Plymouth: J. Dean. Pontiac: j V, Dickaon, Mt. Ciemens: Maithuui &. Co. Romeo; Sprosue & Co.. Roehester; Chdrch & Burchard, N. ï. Jacobs, J. Owen & Co.., Detroit. I0-6m IMËiïffTISTRYDR. JTEWÈTT.- Perlorms in the most skilful manner nml with very littlepain, alloperaiionson the TEETH, necessary to presrrvc thein and rendnr them pennnnenily useiu!.- METALLIC INCORRUPTIBLE TLETH, inserted in the most beautiful manner on pivote or fine gold píate. Dkntal Irrf.gítlakities in children remedied, and Tootk Acht eflectaally cured wi:hout the dread and pain of extraction. His charges wíl] be a3 low as ihosc of any who do their work equally as well. Ladies will be altended at their WjéUtnga ïf so desired. Satisfactory Referdnces given-. Advice gratis. . BT Office at Col. Jeweti's, Upper Town. Ann Arbor, June 14; 1843. 2w3 3 ? 3 q..1? Rare Chance for Industrióos Jemales. THE Subscrihers would lespecifully nnnounce to the "LABORING FEMALE&" of YVashtenaw and vicinity, that liicy will furnish WOOL, of a superior qúality, to be manufactura ed into cloth. The wool to be ■ntadt into Rolls, before given out. . - TERMS. The Rolls to be laken at the faetory aneï mode into flannel, one half of v.hich is to be remrned totheproprietors. y Q. Ann Arbor, June 12, 1843. . 8-3wMorder & Suicide! PASSING your Kr-eetré tcw dayssince, I was iloKWt horror struck. in noticing n continual protracted niurder. Chcapest Store in town New York Wholésatí and Reta:I Chtap cash Store" "Bnflalo Clieap Store" led me to cali where í saw the -Rings English" lie mangled, bleeding, dying. Atanother plnce I saw a great display oí "Red Rngs" and ítoming hand bilis, where on examination I found that thcy clairncd lo havebouglu their goods nt ':Auc:ion'f and I knew thatgoodssold'at nuctú-n were of interior quality. and such as would not bear the tcsl ol private' sale scrutiny. Oh.thought they ;ut iheir own tliroats in buying their goods at ancoñ. I passed on to F. Denison's oíd stand where I found II. Bkckkr fairly scttled with A larg STOCK O F GOODS. ; selected nt private sales, embracing nearg every thing called for in tbc country, ai lo P"c?sd cash! produce, or good credn. A"d"f " ,hat the pure Enghsh was spoken, as I am aure1 it is at lus Store in the Iwët J 0WrAT0R. Ann Arhor. Juno % I8,


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