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Introducing 1 NOTICES 1 n AGENDA needs an ans wering machine, IH ■kP-- transcribing peda), and Macintosh feZ computer and office space. DonaÜhWJ tions welcome. Cali 996-8018. ■CP EÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊSBÊBkCourt Accompaniment Program MÉP"B B' training begins June 4. Volunteers r will provide support to survivors. Cali 994-2618. ■ :.■.;,,,, ,.: ,,.,... .;..:.,. l,.:A!.;,!:!:;;-::!;!.,,,A,!,!A..,,,Al.,,A-!....,. BARTER WCC is planning a women's festival U#" i I I- I for Aug. 8 or 9. Musicians, artists, crafters are invited to share talents. Women: I cut hair. Will you water All women welcome. Cali 761-9475. my garden while Fm gone? 761-9475 . before June 22. WORK WANTED !■■■■■■ ■■■-■■ ■ -■-■■-■-■-■-■--■■ ,■,-,■,,,,,. ..,, - ■■■■..■■■■..■...,.■■■ - iü I win provide childcare in exchange for Why don't you go to the Washtenaw Pütin& Or is there something Dairy for an ice cream cone whüe I else yu need? Caü Pegëv: 995-2664. do your yardwork. Cali Cinder: 6687982.


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