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Take a minute to clip out the above letter, sign it and mail t to AGENDA by Sept. 24, 1987. Since Congress could vote on contra aid as early as Sept. 30, AGENDA will deliver all letters received (pro-contra letters included) on Sept. 25 to the Ann Arbor offices of 2nd Congressional District Representative Cari Pursell. AGENDA is taking this unusual step at the request of the Latin American Solidarity Committee (LASC). Because of their past experiences with letter writing campaigns to Pursell on this issue, LASC members feit that a more accurate count of anti-contra letters to the congressman would be achieved by sending them through an intermedian. The Ann Arbor News was asked to fill this role first and declined. AGENDA urges you to take this step. We feel that Pursell may be vulnerable to constituent pressure on thls issue. Despite many votes in favor of contra aid, the congressman voted this spring to withhold already appropriated funds from the contras. The vote failed and the contras got the money. Nonetheless, we see this letter as a way of encouraging Pursel! to continue to vote anti-contra. We cannot stress enough how important this vote is. rf we can get Pursell to vote no to contra aid this time, we may never have to lobby him on this issue again. So, if nothing else, take a minute to clip out the letter and send it to: Rep. Cari Pursell, co AGENDA, P.O. Box 3624, Ann Arbor, Ml 48106.


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