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Earth Festival '87

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by Jeff Farrah ANN ARBOR- On Saturday Sept 26, an all day free earth celebration will be held at the U-M campus. Earth Festival '87 will combine a six hour music festival at Palmer Field with over 30 workshops, national speakers, local dance troupes and free unique foods at the diag. The festival will provide a wide range of viewpoints regarding earth related issues. 'Earth Festival is a day in which individuals and organizations can cel├ębrate the natural beauty of our planet, and inform others about those environmental issues which need to be solved if our society is to continue," says Mike Phillips, one of the festival organizers. The basic philosophy behind the festival is that by combining art, education and celebration, an allencompassing ecological awareness will be brought to the community. Organizers also hope to begin a serious ecological dialogue at the university, in the community, and in the Great Lakes Bioregion. The day promises live Jazz, Rock, Folk, Reggae and Avante Garde music at Palmer Field, as well as exciting workshops, national speakers, dance performances, and free food at the diag. The Earth Festival Planning Committee, will hold planning meetings throughout the month of Sept. (see CALENDAR.) There will be thousands of people at the Earth Festival, so the planning committee needs your help! For information, cali Jeff at 663-391 3 or Mike at 763-3241 .


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