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It's a good time to check out our In late summer, People's Food Co-op stocks an abundant selection of organic fruits & vegetables. Organic not only means a more natural, sustainable farming process but also a stronger, richer taste and greater nutritional value. Come in and tak e advantage of the variety found in the stores at this time of year . Organic items change weekly. Available items can include: spinach zucchini broccoli avocadoes lettuce tomatoes peaches nectarines lemons blueberries garlic cucumbers carrots potatoes herbs onions Along with an emphasis on organics, the Co-op gives priority to local sources of produce. Supporting area farmers increases community ties, strengthens the local economy and brings fresher food into the storefronts. People's Food Co-op a member-owned business open to the public 740 Packard Daily 9-9 761-8173 212N.FourthAve. Fri. 9-9, Sat. 8-7, Sun. 11-7 994-9174


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