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Salvadoran refugee living in Unprocessed wildflower honey, pure PARENTSj TEACHER Free ST'.?. "cTreTnd RTH'0RKSbeFSAWRM L?1 - Tradition'7 dis EARTHWORKS FARM Rte 2 Toys for your home or schooL You from Ei Salvador for flWrv ü,CHyMI49651(616) 229-4515 can afJd not t0 ca for more nfo, L ador JJ Bilis been polishing his barely Ms. Darrell Jacob 475-8213 ndividual t For more used Carinet to sell because his ADD1CT1VE RELAT1oNSHIPS f ? parents need money. Help Billy and jherapy Groups for Women led by learn to play the clarinet. 996-801 8 psychotogist 761-21 76 ■ iliálY.ltllU Licensed Massage Therapist Sma" Pick"uP under ls AGENDA NEEDS two serious, Swedish Massage Women mV dream truck out there Lkick-ass advertising representferred- men by referral only Cali for somewhere? Andrea 761 -9475 atives. Good commission, fun work. appoimmem. Gretchen 995-2537 Cali Peggy 996-801 8 or 995-2537 Cost of ad Is $3.50 per line. ConH trv There are 32 characters per line. oenu IO. Please submlt ads by the I4th of the month. Q fj Qfa Please distinguish between capital and lower case letters. o rt o ocoi .There is a two line minimum ($7.00). .U. ÜOX Jb4 Barter and trade items are discounted 10%. Ann Arbor, Ml 481 06 2 month limit for commercial business ads. ■ Please include payment & phone ■ ■ number with ad. { Make checks payable to AGENDA. For assistance, contact Peggy Novelli at 995-2537 or 996-801 8 ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■


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