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Justice For All

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On Tues., Nov. 17, people from over 50 national organizations and hundreds of local groups will be convening "Justice for All" forums, hearings, and town meetings to discuss the realities of hunger, homelessness, and poverty in America. In Ann Arbor there are two events scheduled. On Sun., Nov. 15, there will be a 1:30 pm forum on poverty featuring Franc├ęs Fox Piven, a nationally known social welfare expert and author, in the basement of the First Unitarian Universalist Church. On Tues., Nov. 17, a candlelight vigil and rally to push for local efforts to house the homeless and to oppose the NIMBY (not in my backyard) syndrome will begin at 6 pm at the Federal Building in Ann Arbor and proceed to Ann Arbor City Hall. The event is co-sponsored by many local and national religious groups, unions, and political organizations including the Rainbow Coalition, the Salvation Army, U.S. Catholic Conference, American Jewish Committee, and the U.S. Conference of Mayors. "Justice for AH" is more than a cali to conscience. It is also a cali to arms, and to greater vigilance against our own fears and ignorance, which prevent us from understanding the poor and the deep injustice that underlies poverty today and demands vigilance against complacency, the too easy assessment that there is nothing we can do.