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Vigil For Pruning Hook Activist Planned

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On November 12, 1 984, four activists, ncluding Illinois Priest Father Cari Kabot, cut a padlock on a fence surrounding one of 150 missile silos n Missouri, walked onto the site, and began to jackhammer a Minuteman II silo. For this symbolicactof resistencetothe U.S.military build-up, Cari Kabot was sentenced to 1 8 years, 6 months in prison; peace activist and mother of eleven children, Helen Dery Woodson received 18 years, 6 months; Carl's brother, Father Paul Kabot received 1 0 years, 5 months; and Indian-rights activist, Larry Cloud-Morgan received 8 years, 4 four months. All four peace activists, who cali themselves the "Silo Pruning Hooks," were sent to separate prisons. Cari Kabot was sent to Milan Prison just outside of Ann Arbor. It was the first time that civilians had been successf ully charged with sabotage since the statute was passed in 1 948. On Nov. 11, a candlelight "Peace Veterans Vigil" will be held outside of Milan prison to express outrage at Fr. Kabot's imprisonment, to express solidarity with a man who has shown incredible personal committment in speaking out against the arms race, and to commemorate the anniversary of the action. (see CALENDAR)